Timing Is Everything

September 17, 2008

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Timing Is Everything

Today is a seasonable mild day in beautiful Gilbertsville, PA.  There are leaves falling and a calm breeze.  As I sit on my patio, I hear the birds chirping, and the wind howl occasionally.  It is almost an eerie feeling.  The kids are in school and the streets and backyards are empty.  So, I thought to myself, timing is everything.  A few weeks ago, at this time, kids were running in their yards, playing on their swing sets, and horse playing as youngsters do.  Today, nothing!


So, you may ask, what does this have to do with football…everything!  When the Eagles acquired Terrell Eldorado Owens, they loved him.  They chanted, T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O.!!!  Everyone in Philly was going crazy over this guy.  Then he got the boot, and he signed with the Cowboys.  He clashed with Parcells…but under Wade Phillips, he has really become a vocal leader on his team.  He has even taken the younger receivers under his wing and has spent extra time showing them the ropes.  He has become a model teammate in Dallas…so, why the change in Terrell?


Timing…that’s the change!  Terrell was in a situation in Philadelphia where he felt that McNabb dissed him.  WIP (local sports radio) and the Hugh Douglass situation was the final straw that broke the camels back!  He was done, and there was no way out…except enter Jerry Jones.  Mr. Jones likes to take chances, he likes to gamble, and he likes the guy who has been knocked down.  Why?  Because he was once knocked down himself (read his book).  He likes to see how people get back up again, so he took a chance on Terrell.  And Terrell has flourished in Dallas, because he knew that once Jerry takes a chance on you…it’s your last chance.


So once Terrell knew his back was up against the wall…he changed his ways!  He now knows that his best chance to win a Super Bowl is to be a good teammate and play by the rules.  This is his last chance, a chance he does not want to waste like he did with the Eagles.  Terrell has matured…had this occurred earlier, he would already have his ring with Philadelphia…timing is everything!

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  1. I do agree with the fact that he has realized that this is his last chance. The real reason he did not like Parcells is because Parcells has a bigger ego than him, and feels like the best way to get anything out of his players is to push the ones that need pushed.  TO needs all eyes on him, he needs attention, he has seperation anxiety like animals do. So when Parcells calls him 81, then TO goes to his house and cries himself to sleep becasue he isn't getting noticed.

     Wade is kind of a players coach. That is why he will never get a Superbowl win, or stick around in Dallas after this season when the Cowboys falter in the post-season. Coughlin is a tough coach, Andy is stern but also knows his players personally. He tried his hardest to help him when he was here and TO screwed him, the thing with Douglas was not a team thing. Attacking Donovan was the probably the stupidest thin he has ever done in his whole life, he will not win a Superbowl ring being a starting WR. That time has passed and he knows it, he is trying to project like this is not the end.

     Now I have always enjoyed his TD celebrations and his play on the field, but his mouth will always be his downfall. I feel all this current comments about DMac and Reid are just his way of saying that he wishes he would have been a real man and shut his mouth.

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Wednesday, 17 September 2008, 12:33 PDT # |

  2. Luis, I think you make some good points.  But, I (as a Cowboys fan living in Philly burbs) do honestly believe that Terrell has changed his ways.  I listen to WIP, read Philly papers as well as read the dallas papers and listen to Dallas sports talk radio.  There is such a difference as how the same story is reported in two different cities.  I recall watching a Parcells live press conference on Dallascowboys.com and Parcells threw out Ed Warder (ESPN) after one question.  Later that day Werder was on Monday Night Countdown (ESPN) and was telling everyone about everything he had asked Parcells.  How could he, he wasn't even there?  These sports talk shows (ESPN and WIP) are designed to stir things up, not neccessarily report the news.  You have to remember, anything Cowboys sells, and anything T.O. makes the headlines.  I liked T.O. even when he was on the Eagles.  He is a great player and goes all out when he is on the field.  I just think that he finally gets it.  He chirps once in a while, but nothing like his Philly days. 

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Wednesday, 17 September 2008, 14:14 PDT # |

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