September 23, 2008

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             Just the other day my cousin Domenic (Cuz) called me.  He wanted to let me know that our cousin from Italy was coming for a visit in October, and to call me a cockroach.  The term cockroach was coined, or at least he uses it the most, by Howard Eskin of WIP (local sports radio).  Eskin uses the term to refer to Cowboys fans, mostly who live in the Philly area.  This got me to thinking (dangerous, isn’t it?)…In today’s politically correct society, and the diverse society we live in, I, a cockroach, was offended.  At my wife’s school (she is a school teacher), they promote diversity with a huge campaign.  In a nutshell, it’s to let everyone know that we are different and that we should understand and respect others points of view. 


I also remember in 8th grade History/Government Class, Mrs. Hallman telling us a little bit about our country’s Constitution…that includes our Bill of Rights.  One of those Rights is the Freedom of Expression.   In other countries, they don’t have these same rights.  They fight for these rights!


A few years back at the Vet, I was at an Eagles-Cowboys game and witnessed a grown man spilling a beer over a young boy’s head because he was wearing an Aikman jersey.  That boy was minding his own business…just trying to enjoy his team play.  I have seen people brawl over similar circumstances many times at the Vet. 


Just because we cockroaches root for the Cowboys…Do we not feel?  Do we not mourn?  Do we not bleed?  Why should we be put through this scrutiny?  Should we not have those rights to express ourselves freely?  Many have fought to give us those rights…why should some crazed fans take them away from us? 


I am hoping for quieter, friendlier fans at the Linc in December…more sophisticated, educated fans…the type of fans who support our Constitution, our country, our diversity, and our love for political correctness.  So my plea to all the Eagles fans out there, and to Cuz…can’t we all just get along? *

 *This article was completely written with tongue in cheek.

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  1. dude i know it's wrong but that was freakin hilarious!!!!!! when i went to Cleveland for an 04 hilarious wife thought it would be a good idea to surprise me by getting the tickets in the dogpound.

    I was rather scared as we walked further and further down the stairs but surprisingly nobody really messed with me until the game was well into the 2nd quarter. Then out of nowehere an eagles fan sitting about 3 rows behind me leaps over 2 rows of people and slams a slice of pizza in the man's female companion and says Your pizza suks ohio!!! go eagles!!!!!!!

    Needless to say after that the security was more focused on me after he was taken away for the rest of the game, at the end in OT, akers kicked the game winner and me and my wife were escorted by security all the way to the door. The guard told me that he should have turned around and let them get me for being a classless eagles fan.

    Even before i could respond two other brothers in arms hurled a bowl of nachos at the security guard and yelled Browns suck!

    So see it's just the way we are even when we are trying to be civil there will be those ones that remind us why we are who we are...and who u are....a cockroach!


    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 08:33 PDT # |

  2. Luis...If being a Cockroach is wrong...then I don't wanna be right!  I'll be at the linc in December...hopefully, I will make it out of there alive!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 09:13 PDT # |

  3. well everyone has their each his own

    As an Eagle fan from Texas I never felt scared going into Texas stadium with my green on...but i guess going to the Linc wearing that silver..i dunno man

    Good luck with all of that...hey i got a joke for gonna post it on my blog later

    When i went over to my friends house when the cowboys played the the texans in preseason, his dog started acting crazy after the cowboys got a first down. Then he was doing flips when they scored and i asked does he always do that?

    He said "Yes, you should see what he does when we win a preseason  game, he climbs the walls!"

    All that for a preseason game? I asked  "yeah and he walks on two legs for a whole day when we win a regular season game!"

    "what does he do when they win a playoff game?" I asked.

    "i don't know, I've only had him for 13 years"

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 16:06 PDT # |

  4. Luis, Texas Stadium is a lot different then the old Vet or the new Linc.  But I'll have my buddies with me...they are all Eagles they will keep me somewhat safe.  About the dog...ok that's kinda funny.  But, can you remind me...How many years has it been since the Eagles won a Super Bowl?...oops!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 16:53 PDT # |

  5. Oh the low blow!!!!! speaking of Blow how is michael irvin, nate newton and erik williams oh wait i think i saw them on cops. 

    Well I hope the cowboys have something to play for in that game and we are able to spoil their plans and break TO's disgusting face.


    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 19:01 PDT # |

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