Much Ado About Nothing

October 01, 2008

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Much Ado About Nothing

Much has been said and written about Terrell Eldorado Owens…so why should this week be any different?  It shouldn’t!  Mr. Owens had some comments that he made after the Cowboys lost to the Redskins.  He wants the ball more…gee, that’s a surprise?  He wants the offense to go through him…again, I was shocked?  He wants to be involved early and often…okay, now I am just down right astonished?


If you look at the stat sheet (no need, I’ll do it for you), Owens had 7 receptions for 71 yards and scored a TD.  He also contributed 11 yards to the ground attack on 2 carries.  Not spectacular…nothing amazing…but a good days work…but not for Terrell.  You see, Eldog (short for his middle name) needs to be the center of attention.  He needs to be the focal point.  He needs the drama.  He needs the world to see his accomplishments.  Mediocrity is not his M.O., perfection is!  He trains harder than any other WR (maybe all players) in the NFL.  He attributes his work ethic to Jerry Rice and to his grandmother who raised him as a child.


Terrell has this “me against the world” mentality.  Why shouldn’t he?  His father abandoned him as a child and his mother wasn’t capable of raising him…so his grandmother did.  From his perspective…he was alone…nobody wanted him.  Football was his salvation…his way to prove people wrong!  So, to Terrell, winning is everything.  Being a shining star for everyone to see is the ultimate prize.  Losing is unacceptable…he wants to win…and be the reason for it!


Is he disturbed?  Hardly!  He knows exactly what he is doing.  He wants, needs, and demands our attention…and we all give it to him!  The boy who grew up in poverty is worth millions playing a game…and playing it on his terms.  Many people took offense to his comments…I admire him for it.  He says what’s on his mind…how many of us can say that?  Terrell takes his “Freedom Of Expression” rights literally…good for him!


           All Terrell wants is to win, be a star, and be loved…is that all that terrible?  I think not!  Owens does a lot of charity work that goes unnoticed…but he doesn’t mind.  His grandmother suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Mr. Owens has spent much time (and money) for the cause…but nobody talks about that!  No, they would rather tear him down, than to boast his good deeds.  Let’s face it…it makes better copy…better ratings!  In the end, his comments are much ado about nothing…maybe we should just leave the man alone!

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  1. Dude I do not care if he gives his paycheck to nuns in Africa. as a teammate he is a cancer. I wonder if you will be asying the same thing when he starts disrespecting Wade and calls Tony out for not throwing himt he ball 42 times after a win.

    But  u are right i do not think he is disturbed, i think he needs everyone to love him. The problem is he does not know hwen that is? when he has had that, he threw it away. It's like the little kid that whines for that perfect toy and when he finally gets it throws it aside and wants more.

     I really think he is great indivual as far as charity but from a personal standpoint If I ever got close enough to spit on him. I would do it at the risk of getting my arce kicked. So what if he made it through the ghetto years and nobody wanting him, he's not the only one.

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 11:11 PDT # |

  2. Come on Luis!  How 'bout a little love for the ORIGINAL 81?

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 12:27 PDT # |

  3. Man come on you know i can't do that..when we win a ring it will all be forgotten

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 14:46 PDT # |

  4. I couldn't agree with you more.  The media picks this guy and distorts everything he says. Great Blog.  I was going to post a blog about the same subject but you covered it all.  Well. Peace Bro-Mark

    Mark BowmanMark Bowman on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 14:49 PDT # |

  5. i know the media jumps on his every word...but just think about it why would the media even care?

    Because he says idiotic things, like i need the ball more. Instead of saying we need to get our playmakers the ball more.

    Or things like not every ball was a catchable ball...instead of we need to make sure we make better choices

    Why is it so hard? I know he said he didn't disrespect T. Homo. But would it be ok if I said well the reply to this message was not all spelled right but I am not saying you can't type or anything.

    They are both the truth but at least you don't go and blast your team in front of everybody. That is one of my two problems with TO the drops and his dis-loyalty. He's only loyal to himself, if he wants to touch the ball more because he is a great competitor then he should have been a QB.

    Plus he knows everything he says is going to get put ont he front burner, that's why he says it cuz he wants people to talk about him good or bad and look what we are doing. Sitting here pressing letters in his name.

    Im just saying Cowboy fans the sooner you wake up and realize that this is just the beginning, the quicker your scars will heal.

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 18:03 PDT # |

  6. I had to come by and read this after you checked out my take on Randy Moss.

    It it wasn't for the fact that Dallas tried to get the ball to Owens for a third of the offensive plays against Washington at the expense of other players (eight carries for Marion Barber?) then people wouldn't be taking Owens to task for his post-game comments. Every playmaker wants the ball because they feel they can make a positive difference for the team.

    But for all those inaccurate passes, Owens had his share of drops in that game. So before saying Romo wasn't accurate, admit you dropped some passes you should had caught, T.O.

    Randolph Charlotin--Randolph Charlotin on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 19:56 PDT # |

  7. Thanks to all for commenting on my posts and I really do appreciate all of the comments...even if you don't agree with me!  Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 20:12 PDT # |

  8. Oh i agree with you 100 percent that TO is vile disgusting piece of monkey vomit. I agree

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 20:46 PDT # |

  9. I agree, I really think TO is not a problem. He may have been on previous teams, but now I think he's become happy, and he wants nothing more than produce numbers for himself and his team. Glad you liked my article as well!

    Nicholas SchwartzNicK Schwartz on Friday, 03 October 2008, 09:28 PDT # |

  10. Thanx for the support...please visit my other Blog at:

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 09 October 2008, 10:49 PDT # |

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