Week 5 Review

October 07, 2008

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Week 5 Review

          The crystal ball was two up and two down for the week.  Even though that is an improvement, it still doesn’t cut it!  Good thing this is for entertainment purposes only…or I would be in the poor house!  Let’s take a look back and see what happened: 

Last Week: 2-2

Overall:  4-8

Cincinnati @ Dallas:  This game went pretty much as I expected.  Dallas led early, but then let Cincy make a game of it…a failed 2-point conversion from being a tie late in the game!  Dallas then pulled away with a lucky TD pass going through Austin’s hands and deflecting right into Crayton’s…better to be lucky than good sometimes?  Dallas holds on for a much needed victory to keep pace in such a highly contested division.


Washington @ Philadelphia:  The Eagles got off to a great start leading 14-0 early in the contest.  The zebras gave the Birds a gift TD on a DeSean “Fraction” Jackson punt return and Philadelphia was ready to give the KO punch to the ‘Skins.  Washington stuck around with some field goals and took the lead with some nifty running by Portis… and they never looked back!  They ran the ball at will against the Birds and ran out the clock!  

Seattle @ N.Y. Giants:  Wow!  I expected a lot more from a Mike Holmgren team than that stinker!  I guess (as much as it pains me) that I must break down and give the G-Men their due!  They are a lot better than I expected, even with the loss of some key players.  The Giants are now 4-0 and have half-game leads on Washington and Dallas.  This division is shaping up nicely…it’s going to be a wild finish for those coveted play-off spots! 

Indianapolis @ Houston:  I thought that Indy would destroy the Texans in a laugher…well it was a laugher…almost for Houston.  The Texans had a big lead all day long and had the Colts pinned in the corner.  Sage…say it ain’t so…hold on to the damn ball!  Peyton Manning and his posse came from behind with a miracle win!    Indy escapes disaster and maybe they can salvage their season?


Short Shots:

*The Eagles once again failed to score a TD inside the 5-yard line.  They tried to pound it in with Westbrook and that failed.  Reid…let McNabb throw the damn ball!  The fans want Reid’s head on a platter!  Read more here. 

*O.J. Simpson was found guilty in his Las Vegas “sting operation” trial earlier this week…actually on the 13th anniversary of his acquittal of his murder trial…I hope the jury wasn’t thinking…two wrongs make a right! 

*Marv Lewis and his Bengals are now 0-5…he is officially on the hot seat.  Chad Johnson was seen giving his coach a kiss on the cheek during the Dallas game.  For Marv’s sake…let’s hope it wasn’t the kiss of death! 

*Plaxico Burress decided to miss a mandatory meeting to drop off his son at nursery school.  Now, I applaud him on being a good parent…but…that was one very expensive session of daycare (one game suspension and a $117,500 fine levied by the Giants)!

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  1. Colts still have problems. Any team could have came back against the Texans on Sunday the way Sage was giving it up late. Colts still have a horrible run defense and thats going to kill them if they can't improve that. I went 2-2 as well in my games. The NFL is so un-predictable. It frustrates me. Yet is one of the reasons I love to watch it aha.

    Tex787Jake Calenda on Tuesday, 07 October 2008, 15:56 PDT # |

  2. Jake...the Colts are still hurting and Sage did blow it big time.  The Colts have a veteran team and this might be the spark that they needed...just knowing that if they keep fighting, Peyton will lead them back!  But you are right, the defense is horrific, especially against the run!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Tuesday, 07 October 2008, 16:44 PDT # |

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