Philly Is Still A Football Town

October 08, 2008

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Philly Is Still A Football Town


           With the Phillies winning their NLDS against the Milwaukee Brewers, it got me thinking whether Philadelphia is a Football town or a Baseball town?  On Thursday evening on Fox, the Phillies will host the L.A. Dodgers in Game 1 of the NLCS.  I’m not a big fan of baseball, but I do like the Phillies (Mets, and Yankees as well).  I watch about a handful of games a year including the playoffs.  I was never really into baseball…I just don’t get the fascination?  I find it slow, dull, and extremely boring…unless you’re at the ballpark…then it’s a whole different story!  When you’re actually at the game, it’s exciting and much more “family friendly” than football.


           So, I came to wonder, with all the success the Phillies are having while the Eagles are struggling…who is winning out?  Last Sunday afternoon the Eagles were playing the Redskins while the Phillies were playing the Brewers…at the same time.  I figure this should be a fair comparison on the matter.  So I checked the ratings to see who was winning the fans…the Eagles or the Phillies?


           According to the New York Times, the Redskins-Eagles game had a local rating of 22.7, and the Phillies-Brewers game had a 13.2 local rating.  So the NFL (Eagles) won out by a considerable margin against MLB (the Phillies).  Now, I’m the first to admit that (to me, anyway)…that was a no brainer…the NFL should always beat out MLB!  But what did catch me by surprise is that this was just a regular season game for the Birds, while it was Game 4 of the NLDS for the Phillies!


           It’s amazing to me that MLB claims to be America’s Past-time, but a playoff game can’t beat out a regular season NFL game?  Many of my friends and family tell me how great baseball is…if that were true, then why aren’t they watching?  I do hope the Phillies can make it to the World Series and win…as I said before…I like a good parade just as much as the next guy!  But in the end, it just goes to show… Philly Is Still A Football Town!

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