Rush To Judgment

October 09, 2008

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Rush To Judgment


Once again, Adam don’t call me “Pac-man” Jones has made the headlines.  And when Mr. Jones makes the headlines, it usually isn’t good news!  Early Wednesday morning, Pac-man allegedly got into a “scuffle” with one of his security guards at a hotel in Dallas (read more here).  The police were called, but no charges were filed.  Is this much ado about nothing…or is Adam facing a possible suspension!


           Sheriff Goddell was scheduled for a visit to see Mr. Jones on Wednesday prior to this report…we will have to wait and see if this results in any disciplinary action by the NFL.  The shame of it all is that Jones has been playing fairly well for the Cowboys thus far.  He got off to a slow start, which was expected since his 1-year suspension of a year ago, but he was coming on strong as of late.


           Pac-man has been replacing Terrence Newman in the starting line-up because of Newman’s groin/abdomen injury.  Newman may require surgery and miss up to six weeks.  This situation was a good opportunity for Pac-man to show off his talents as a starter and prove he had changed his ways.  Prior to this alleged incident, Jones has been a model teammate and has been under the tutelage of Deion Sanders.


           Unfortunately, this alleged “scuffle” could be his undoing altogether.  Goddell had told Mr. Jones previously, that he had a zero tolerance policy…we shall see what happens.  I just hope Mr. Goddell researches all the facts before making his decision.  After all, Adam Jones’ career is in jeopardy.  Sheriff…we don’t need a... Rush To Judgment!

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  1. Don't rush to judgement? For goodness sakes, how many chances does a person get? I gave him a chance, a last chance, when he signed with Dallas. I even was a proponent of calling him Adam Jones. But this altercation indicates that he's still Pacman.

    It's offensive that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones won't release Jones because he values winning over character. Doesn't he realize that Pacman won't change? Being one step away from being permanently banned from the NFL wasn't enough of a deterrent for Packman. If Jones doesn't cut him now, he should expect Pacman to once again do something stupid. The signs are there. JJ is being stupid for ignoring them and his team will pay for it somewhere down the road.

    Randolph Charlotin--Randolph Charlotin on Thursday, 09 October 2008, 21:12 PDT # |

  2. Randolph, I wasn't at the hotel, so I don't know exactly what happened...neither do you!  Anything Cowboys gets blown out of proportion!  Should JJ cut Adam for this minor incident?  Should the NFL ban him for this?  Of course not!  It's like a family squabble...only it made headlines because he's Pac-man and he plays for the Cowboys! Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 09 October 2008, 22:05 PDT # |

  3. Exactly none of us have the right to judge and im sick of everyone talking about him who cares. I do agree that he makes some dumb decisions and prolly should not drink but come most of his arrests were at strip clubs and we all know how strippers are just ask duke lacrosse team. he didnt contact his probation officer, spit on a girl, and got charged with weed. im not sticking up 4 him becuase he puts himself in those places but his only main problem was the shooting but still evidence looks shacky in that bottom line is that there is just a bunch of haters and will do anything for fame or money. he needs to make better choices but if the media didnt blow it up it wouldnt be that big of deal.

    BJ WesterbyBJ Westerby on Friday, 10 October 2008, 13:03 PDT # |

  4. BJ, again not excusing his actions...but the media is just looking for a payday!  Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Friday, 10 October 2008, 13:27 PDT # |

  5. i agree with u 100% the media is a joke

    BJ WesterbyBJ Westerby on Saturday, 11 October 2008, 12:30 PDT # |

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