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October 15, 2008

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Holier Than Thou


           Roger Goodell, in a rush to judgment, suspended Adam “Pacman” Jones of the Dallas Cowboys indefinitely yesterday afternoon (read more here).  Go ahead, say it…I told you so!  Go ahead…laugh…snicker!  Sheriff Goodell will review Adam’s suspension after the Washington game (Week 11).  The Cowboys have a bye Week 10, so it ends up being a 4-game, 5-week suspension to start.  Goodell will then revisit the situation and may or may not let Pacman play again.  Many “experts” believe that Mr. Jones in done…finished…no more football for you, Pacman!


           I will be the first to say that what Adam Jones has done in the past is ridiculous, foolish, childish, unlawful…insert your favorite adjective here!  The NFL (Goodell and Jerry Jones, more specifically) gave Adam a second chance…but did they?  Well, Jerry sure did!  He gave him a contract laced with incentives.  He gave him a security team to watch his every move.  He gave him a support group consisting of former Cowboy Deion Sanders and others…not enough, was it?  Jerry Jones did everything for Adam…but did Sheriff Goodell?


Commissioner Goodell put Adam in a no win situation.  I know…Pacman has a rap sheet as long as a child’s Christmas list!  I get it!  Adam screwed up in the past and put himself in this position.  But to me, when you (Goodell) give the guy a second chance…give him a real second chance!  So, the police were called…no arrest was made…because no crime was committed…suspension anyway!  Now I know how to get my co-workers fired…just call 9-1-1 and ask for the police to come out…it doesn’t matter if a crime was committed or not…using Goodell’s logic…fired…fired…fired!  What happened to innocent until proven guilty?


Goodell, and I applaud his efforts to clean up the League, has gone too far!  He has become a one-man dictatorship…his way or the highway!  I sure hope that he doesn’t treat everyone else who has a transgression the same way he has treated Jones.  Look out, Larry Johnson!  Look out, Matt Jones!  Look out, Plaxico Burress!  Goodell is taking all prisoners.  I just hope Mr. Goodell doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet…of course he doesn’t, because he is…holier than thou!

Short Shots:


The Dallas Cowboys acquired WR Roy Williams from the Lions for a 1st and a 3rd round draft choice.  The Lions will also get the Cowboys 6th rounder and the Cowboys will get Detroit’s 7th rounder.  Jerry Jones…you risk taker you!


The Washington Redskins signed former MVP Shaun Alexander.  I can’t believe it took this long for Alexander to latch on to a team.  I know he has lost a step, but some of the RBs that are playing never had the step to lose!


The Eagles failed in their bid to get Tony Gonzales from the Chiefs…anyway, at least they tried?  Not!



The Philadelphia Phillies can clinch the National League Pennant tonight against the Dodgers...Go Phillies!


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  1. We tried to get Tgone, we offered the asking price and so did other teams. Carl Peterson just did not want ot part with him. PLus seriously why do we need him, we don't even throw the ball to the TE's.

    As far as Goodell man i feelyou, maybe he rushes to jusdgement, but look at LJ in KC how many times has he apparently beaten his chicks? I dunno man I think Goodell just has a problem with Mrs. Pacman and when Vick comes out we will see exactly who he is.

    T.Homo wants to play, say What? He couldn't hold ont ot he ball with 10 perfectly fine fingers. Now he wants to do it with nine? Cmon man take your losses and hope Brad can win a couple games...Tell em man

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Thursday, 16 October 2008, 06:05 PDT # |

  2. Luis you're right about the Eagles not throwing the ball to the TE's, and I'm not sure why they don't?  Peterson was trying to see how much interest he could draw for Gonzalez, hoping that maybe some team would go hog wild and offer a 1st or 2nd rounder.  I don't think he ever intended to trade him for a 3rd or less.  As far as Goodell...I think he has it out for certain players...Pacman is no saint...but others have done worse than his latest incident and there were no suspensions?  I don't know, the Cowboys can't worry about things they can't control...next guy up!  Romo should at-least take this week off and let Brad give it a go.  The Cowboys should be able to beat the Rams without Romo...if they can't, then they don't deserve to be in the play-offs, period!  Next week, if his pinkie is feeling better, then Romo should give it a go...but if Brad is playing well and the Boys are winning...then rest the finger!  Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 16 October 2008, 06:23 PDT # |

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