The Real Roy Williams

October 16, 2008

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The Real Roy Williams

            A few minutes before the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday afternoon, Jerry Jones pulled off a blockbuster deal for WR Roy Williams of the Detroit Lions.  Yes, I said “blockbuster”!  Keep in mind that trades are very rare in the NFL…especially at the trade deadline!  The Cowboys gave Detroit a 1st, a 3rd, and a 6th round draft choice.  In return the Cowboys received Roy Williams and Detroit’s 7th rounder.  Did Jerry overpay?  Did Jerry panic?  That would be NO and NO!

            Jerry didn’t over spend or panic…because…he got his man!  He has been trying to pry Williams from the Lions for two years…and now he did.  Everyone wanted Dallas to use a 1st round pick for a WR anyway…but Roy is a proven Pro-Bowl quality receiver.  The extra picks…not a big deal!  Williams is still young enough to produce for many years, even after Owens has moved on!  If the Cowboys had used that 1st round pick on a WR…who knows…maybe a bust…maybe a Pro-Bowler.  This way they know what they have in Roy Williams!  He will wear #11 for the Cowboys as he did for the Lions.

            In my opinion, this was a brilliant move by Mr. Jones.  The team needed a spark after all the bad publicity as of late…Roy Williams gives the Cowboys that much needed spark!  Hours earlier, Jerry found out about Pacman’s suspension (read more here), he knew that he now had extra picks from Tennessee because of the suspension.  Like a shrewd businessman, he knew he could now make the deal with Detroit…Jerry had the ammo…and Detroit had his man…Jerry’s got him now!

            Roy Williams will prosper in the Cowboys offense.  In Detroit, he was doomed playing for a franchise that has a dark cloud over it!  Roy wanted to come to Dallas because he is a Texas native and starred at the University of Texas.  He knew that he needed a different venue to showcase his talents…now he has the biggest stage of all…He’s a Cowboy!  Roy saw what a difference being a Cowboy could do for his career…all he had to do was look at Leonard Davis.   Before coming to Dallas, Bigg (as Leonard is often called) played for Arizona…you know…another one of those franchises with that dark cloud lurking over them.  Davis is prospering in Dallas…and so will Roy Williams!  Detroit thinks it fleeced the Cowboys…I beg to differ…because now we will all be able to see…the real Roy Williams!


Short Shots:

*The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Dodgers to win the National League Pennant and are headed to the World Series!  Congratulations to the Phils…and let’s start making plans for that parade!

*Apparently, Adam Jones has checked himself into a rehab facility.  The NFL required him to do so as part of his process to be reinstated into the league.

*The Cowboys now have two players with the name Roy Williams.  The first Roy, recently changed his number from 31 to 38.  Jerry should have insisted that the new Roy Williams take the number 31 and not 11…that way he could sell all those 31 jerseys laying around the Ranch!

*After being officially traded to the Cowboys, the first telephone call that Roy Williams received was from Terrell Owens…to welcome him as new teammate!  And let him know the WR pecking order in Dallas?

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  1. You asked for it, well here's my link to my critical Cowboys article.

    The Roy Williams trade is a good move, but it doesn't help your strugging defense. Remember the old adage: offense wins games, defense wins championships.

    I wonder if T.O. will continue to be happy if he continues to not see the ball that much. You might be right about that phone call he made to Roy. I can only imagine. "Welcome Roy. It's great to have you as a complimentary receiver. On Tuesdays you have to take my car to get it washed and detailed and pick up my dry cleaning on Thursdays."

    Randolph CharlotinRandolph Charlotin on Thursday, 16 October 2008, 19:40 PDT # |

  2. Randolph, I agree that Roy Williams won't directly help the defense, but it will help outscore the opposing team.  You're right defense does win championships...the defense will have T-New back for the stretch run!  Terrell and Roy will get along fine...Roy understands that he is the for the next couple of years anyway.  I enjoyed your here is the link...CLICK HERE...a must read!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 16 October 2008, 20:12 PDT # |

  3. Good Blog Utopia1dc.  Randolph, dude, are you sure Roy Williams will not help the defense?  If you have a possession receiver that keeps the ball, constantly getting first downs, racking up time, allows the enemy offense off the field.  The less time their offense is off the field, our defense if off the field.  Helps don't it.  And why would TO ask Roy to pick up his dry cleaning, that's what he's got Patrick Crayton for.

    David SalinasDavid Salinas on Friday, 17 October 2008, 05:16 PDT # |

  4. David...I agree that the key for the Cowboys is to play ball-control offense and rack up some points.  They should be able to outscore almost everyone...especially when Romo and Felix Jones are healthy!  The defense will be hurting for the next few weeks no doubt...but when Newman gets back they should be fine.  It's the same defense as last year, but with Jenkins and Scandrick instead of Reeves and and Nate Jones...I'll take that any day!  Crayton could actually benefit the most from Roy being in Dallas...he will be the forgotten the defense!  Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Friday, 17 October 2008, 08:05 PDT # |

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