Predictions Week 7

October 18, 2008

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Predictions Week 7


           Each week, on Friday, I will look into my (never wrong, just misinformed) crystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend games.  I will always prognosticate on the Eagles and Cowboys games and then pick two more games of interest (to me, that is, not necessarily to you).  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball!


           Last week’s performance was another mediocre week at 2-2.  I guess the pep talk didn’t do much good after all?  I still believe in this crystal ball, though it will be on a short leash this week.  I’ve been scouting a replacement crystal ball at a local thrift shoppe…so it better shape up or the hook is coming!  Let’s see what’s in store for us this week?  (Since the Eagles are on a bye week, I will prognosticate on division rival Washington in their place.)


Last Week: 2-2


Overall:  6-10


Dallas @ St. Louis:  The Rams finally had something to cheer about after beating the ‘Skins last week.  Dallas has had an eventful week…to say the least.  The addition of Roy Williams should bolster the offense.  Will Romo play?  Who knows?  It doesn’t matter as the ‘Boys, in a statement game, will put a hurting on the Rams.  Look for Roy Williams early in the game on a deep post for a TD!  Dallas 31, St. Louis 16.


Cleveland @ Washington:  Cleveland schooled the G-Men on MNF last week, and Washington was in disbelief after they lost to the Rams.  Will Cleveland be able to do the same to the ‘Skins?  No!  The Redskins should be able to manhandle the Browns by pounding the rock with Portis and the newly acquired Shaun Alexander.  Look for Chris Cooley in the red zone, as he is due for a monster game.  Washington 27, Cleveland 9.


Indianapolis @ Green Bay:  Indy finally broke out of its slump and put a hurting on the Ravens last week.  Peyton Manning finally got into a grove and had his best game of the year.  The bad news for the Colts is that Addai is out for a few weeks, but Rhoades should be more than capable of holding down the fort!  Green Bay will give their fans something to cheer about early in the game…but Peyton Manning will prove to be a crowd silencer as the Colts upend the Packers.  Indianapolis 37, Green Bay 23.


San Diego @ Buffalo:  San Diego dug themselves a hole early in the season, but they are a much-improved team as of late.  Rivers is playing well and LT looks like he isn’t finished after all!  Buffalo has been somewhat of a surprise this year, but their luck has run out.  The Bolts O-line will open up huge holes for LT.  The Bolts will steal a victory in dramatic fashion (come on…the football gods owe Norv one) as time expires!  San Diego 24, Buffalo 23.


Short Shots:


The Phillies are headed to the World Series.  Go Phils!  I smell a parade down Broad Street!


Tony Romo may try to play with his fractured pinkie on Sunday…I’m not sure that’s a good idea?  IMO, he should rest and let Brad Johnson lead the team against the Rams.  If the ‘Boys can’t beat the Rams with their back-up QB, then they don’t deserve to be in the play-offs!


Larry Johnson will be deactivated by Head Coach Herm Edwards for this weeks contest for breaking team rules…but not suspended…he still gets paid!  Sheriff Goodell has not mentioned anything about a suspension on a non-related arrest for Johnson earlier in the week…somewhere (possibly at a rehab facility) in Texas, Pacman is beside himself!


The Dallas Cowboys are now being fined, by the NFL, because of the suspension of Pacman Jones…about $20,000 for each game Pacman misses…wow…good thing Jerry is loaded!


Rumor has it that ESPN will debut a new channel starting next week (as long as it’s okay with Comcast Cable)…ESPNCowboys!  This in turn should free up ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, and ESPN News to continue with their regular broadcasting schedule! (Just a joke…I think?)


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