Getting The Life Preservers Ready

October 20, 2008

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Getting The Life Preservers Ready


           Yesterday the Cowboys went to St. Louis and decided to play their worst game of the year.  What had already been a tumultuous week for the Cowboys only got worse by the humiliation the Rams put on the ‘Boys.  Everyone (okay, maybe not everyone) is calling for Wade Phillips to be fired!  That’s not going to happen…not this week…not next week, not during the bye week!  There is too much at stake to do that!


           Last week the Cowboys had a rough week on and off the field.  With all the injuries and the Pacman Jones suspension…Jerry had to do something!  He did…he acquired WR Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions (read more here).  Roy’s first game with his new team is one he would sure like to forget!  But how much of the offense could he learn in a couple of days?  Apparently, not enough!  He was held in check with no receptions.  Owens didn’t fair much better as he had two catches and he’s been with the team for three years!


           The Cowboys now sit at 4-3, having already lost as many games as they did all last year, and their play-off chances are starting to slip away.  Some teams would love to be 4-3, but that doesn’t cut it in Dallas…not with Super Bowl aspirations…and not to mention how much money Jerry has shelled out this year.  Mr. Jones rubs some people the wrong way, but he doesn’t mind!  He paid $130 million for the Cowboys in 1989, and people thought he was insane…the Cowboys are now valued at over $1 Billion!  If that’s insane…sign me up!


           Jerry likes a gamble and that’s why he is willing to go “all-in” and sign players with checkered pasts.  He takes chances…sometimes they work…sometimes they don’t…but at-least he tries!  Jerry is maligned in the media as a meddling owner, that he is too hands on…but he is like a captain of a ship.  When he sees that the ship might be sinking, he doesn’t bail on his team…he fights to the bitter end for his ship (team).  The ship isn’t sinking just yet, but good ole Jerry is getting the life preserves ready!


Short Shots:


Reggie Bush injured his knee yesterday, and could be out 3-4 weeks…a tough loss for the Saints!


What the heck is going on with Peyton Manning and the Colts?  This is starting to look like an episode of The Twilight Zone!


Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 57-yard field goal in OT to beat the Jets…talk about clutch, baby!


Clinton Portis ran for 175 yards and a TD yesterday against the Cleveland Browns.  At some point you would think that the Browns would have put an 8th, 9th, or 10th man in the box!


Safety Roy Williams of the Cowboys re-injured his forearm (which he broke against the Eagles in Week 2) and may be out for the season.  The Cowboys have now lost 4 DB’s in the last two weeks.  Rumor has it that (inspired by the movie Invincible) Jerry is holding open try-outs at the Ranch this week.  Darn…and I just committed to being a “tree” in my 4-year old daughter’s Halloween play…just my luck!

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  1. You are the perfect candidate for the Cowgirls secondary then...

    1 you stand still and look at everythng else move past you.

    You left yourself wide open for that one my firend. I would lend you some preservers but I still might need them.

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Monday, 20 October 2008, 09:43 PDT # |

  2. Luis...I sure did!  That's okay...I got thick skin, I can take it!  I took abuse my entire life because of the 'Boys...and that's okay with me.  I got he joy that went with 5 Super Bowls, so a little ribbing here and there is just fine!  As far as that game...the Cowboys secondary is pathetic, but that was expected with the injuries/suspension.  What gets me more is the offensive futility.  Brad Johnson (and I don't want to bash the geriatric QB because it's not all his fault) was futile yesterday.  My God, with Owens, Williams, Crayton, Witten, Barber, Austin...come on!  Brad is supposed to be the wiley veteran that can keep the ship reality he was the anchor getting the ship sunk!  Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Monday, 20 October 2008, 11:59 PDT # |

  3. Good observation Utopia.  Wasn't Brad's fault, although he really didn't help matters.  The offensive line holds most of the responsibility here.  Where was the 5, 6 seconds of protection we enjoyed against Cleveland?  And where is that defensive attacking style we were promised two years ago?  The one that was supposed to mirror Merriman's Charger defense.  I see none of that, feels like broken campain promises two years into this administration.  Hand me a life preserver, would you?

    David SalinasDavid Salinas on Monday, 20 October 2008, 20:25 PDT # |

  4. Dallas is indeed in trouble. A lot of people are calling for Wade Phillip's head. Personally I would not even touch Phillips for the rest of the season. That would just cause even more chaos in the world of the Dallas Cowboys. I might be in the minority there, but thats the way I feel about the situation. It's not brain science, the Cowboys need to win to calm the storm here before even more flames go up. I know the first estimate of how long Romo will be out was a month, not 100 % sure of it now, but just crazy. Tampa Bay is not going to be an easy task for Dallas in Week 8. Dallas needs to find SOME WAY to muster up something against a tough defense in the Buccaneers.

    Tex787Jake Calenda on Tuesday, 21 October 2008, 00:54 PDT # |

  5. There is a lot of second guessing going on in Dallas.  I am not a fan of firing a coach in mid-season.  I don't think Wade Phillips is the problem.  The Cowboys have had a lot of weird things happen over the last month.  Most seasons have their ups and downs...hopefully the Cowboys have gotten the downs out of the way.  When Romo, Newman, and F. Jones (and possible Pacman) come back, and with the addition of Roy Williams (WR)...they should be fine.  As Parcells says...just get to the tournament...anything can happen once your in.  But he also used to are what you are!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Tuesday, 21 October 2008, 06:42 PDT # |

  6. You know what Parcells is thinking right now?  I love Miami!  It's hot and i'm a white boy from Jersey.  Who cares what Parcells thinks.  He's past his prime, Just like Jimmy Johnson was when he was in Miami.  Geez, what's wrong with the Dolphins, always picking up our slopy seconds.

    David SalinasDavid Salinas on Tuesday, 21 October 2008, 08:22 PDT # |

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