Week 7 Review

October 22, 2008

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Week 7 Review


The crystal ball was one up and three down for the week.  That puts me 6 games under .500 for the season…not good…more like awful!  The crystal ball was told it was going to be on a short leash…now it’s getting the hook.  Hey…if head coaches can be fired in mid-season…well…so can the crystal ball!  I will have a new crystal ball for next week…we’ll see if it can do a better job prognosticating than its predecessor?  Let’s take a look back and see what happened this past week:


Last Week: 1-3


Overall:  7-13


Dallas @ St. Louis:  The Cowboys came up lame in a game they needed badly.  With Romo sidelined, the “Geriatric Kid” (Brad Johnson) was awful in his first start in two years.  Johnson is a great back-up…as long as he doesn’t have to play!  The Rams took it to the 'Boys…a good ole fashion Texas whooping!  Jackson ran wild and Bulger picked apart the depleted Cowboys secondary.  Rumor has it that Jerry is getting the life preservers ready!


Cleveland @ Washington:  The ‘Skins let the Browns hang around way to long in this contest.  With Portis gaining 175 yards rushing, this should have been a blowout for Washington.  Cleveland made a game of it late, but they were not able to seal the deal.  At-least Romeo Crennel hasn’t lost his team…they are fighting to the bitter end for him!


Indianapolis @ Green Bay:  Okay…this is getting out of hand.  Peyton Manning seems to have lost his “mojo” and is a mere mortal these days.  How can the best QB of all-time throw 2 INTs that are returned for TDs?  The Indy offense is out of sync…and the Colts may be running out of time?  Give Green Bay credit, they did their part and Aaron Rogers is starting to get the Packer Backers to forget about Favre…Brett who?


San Diego @ Buffalo:  The Bolts fell flat on their faces against the Bills.  I am not sure that Buffalo is for real…but they are 5-1 now!  They are atop of their division and should stay there…I must give them their due!  Let’s go, Buff-a-lo…let’s go, Buff-a-lo!


Short Shots:


The Cowboys have already declared Romo out for the upcoming game this week.  Brad Johnson gets another start…oh boy, this could get ugly!


The Browns have suspended Kellen Winslow II for one week without pay for comments detrimental to the team.  I guess if you get sick (staph infection) and tell people why…somehow that reflects negatively on your team?  This has appeal written all over it!


Matt Jones, of the Jacksonville Jaguars, was suspended by the NFL for three games. His suspension was for violating the “NFL conduct policy”.  He was arrested this summer for cocaine possession.  Some how, in the eyes of the NFL, this merits one less game than Pacman Jones’ suspension for his scuffle with his own bodyguard?


The San Francisco 49ers fired Mike Nolan this week and have replaced him with Mike Singletary (Assistant Head Coach).  Mike Nolan is one of a few coaches who wears a suit on the sideline…he does this as a tribute to his father, Dick Nolan.  The elder Nolan was an NFL player for 9 seasons, an assistant coach under Tom Landry for 6 seasons, head coach of the 49ers from 1968-1975, and head coach of the New Orleans Saints from 1978-1980.  He passed away on November 11, 2007 in Texas.  It was nice to see someone honor the tradition of the game and his father at the same time.  I’m not a fan of seeing coaches in cut-off sweatshirts on the sideline (and yes, that was a shot at Beli-cheat)!


The Philadelphia Phillies play in Game 1 of the World Series tonight in Tampa tonight.  Let’s go Phils!


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