Mr. Fix-it

October 23, 2008

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Mr. Fix-it


           When Bill Parcells resigned as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones did an extensive search to find his replacement.  It was believed, at the time, that Norv Turner was the front-runner.  The new head coach was going to inherit Jason Garrett, as Mr. Jones had already hired Garrett as the OC.  In the end, Jones decided on Wade Phillips.  The reasoning was that the Cowboys defense needed a proven “3-4 guy” to take what Parcells started to the next level.


Last year, Wade Phillips referred to himself as a “Mr. Fix-it” when it comes to the 3-4 defenses.  He referred to his defense as the “Phillips 3-4”…which his father, Bum Phillips, created.  Wade has all the credentials needed as a DC…everywhere he has been the DC, the defense has flourished!  Wade also had previous head coaching experience as well.  Phillips is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy…just the right guy to lead the ‘Boys after “Dictator Parcells” departed.  Jerry had found his man!


Some people say that Jones hired Phillips to be a puppet…hogwash!  Wade Phillips has been a coach for a long time.  To be the HC of the Dallas Cowboys is his dream job.  He has Texas roots and a Cowboy at heart.  Don’t let his “awe shucks” demeanor fool you…he is well qualified for the job.  He can be stern with his players if need be, but he prefers to treat them as adults and professionals.  He believes that the team is a family…and family sticks together through thick and thin.


The Cowboys have spent a boatload of money on the defensive side of the ball.  There are many high draft picks on defense as well.  Defense is Wade’s specialty…so why is the defense getting shredded like mozzarella cheese?  With several injuries and a suspension, the ‘Boys defense is a little thin in the secondary…but that’s no excuse!  Although Jerry won’t fire Phillips in mid-season (that’s not Jerry’s style), he is on the hot seat.  This was supposed to be a Super Bowl season for the Cowboys…now; they are hanging on by a thread!  If Wade wants to be around to see next season as the Cowboys head coach…he better come through on being…Mr. Fix-it!


Short Shots:


Rumor has it that Mike Holmgren will be the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers next season.  The 49ers should stay clear, as Holmgren hasn’t delivered on his promise of a Super Bowl in Seattle!


There is talk (and the NFL is currently looking into it) that the Ravens had a bounty out on Rashard Mendenhall and Hines Ward of the Steelers.  What’s wrong with that?  Doesn’t anybody remember the Bounty Bowls?


Larry Johnson is in trouble again.  Apparently, Johnson has been accused of spitting alcohol at a woman during the Kansas City’s bye week at a nightclub.  Attention…attention…paging…Sheriff Goodell!


“Pinkie Gate” continues in Big D.  Will Romo play…will he be the back-up…will he be inactive on game day, when will he be ready?  If Romo was anything like his childhood idol (Brett Favre), the answer would be…he’s ready and will be starting this coming Sunday!


Tom Brady apparently has had several “clean-up” surgeries (for infections) following his ACL surgery.   If the infections can’t be eliminated, he may need to have his knee re-repaired and that could potentially put next season in jeopardy for Brady.  I guess the football gods do have a way of evening things out?  Remember…cheaters never prosper (not for long anyway)!


Kellen Winslow II has appealed his suspension.  Hopefully the NFL will see that Mr. Winslow isn’t just a “piece of meat” and lift his suspension!


The Philadelphia Phillies won Game 1 of the World Series…way to go Phils!  Got Parade?


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  1. Dude, I want to help you out I really do. I want to take that wool of your eyes. I am an eagle fan and loathign our team when it does wrong is in our DNA u know that. The real reason Turner is in San Diego is because Norv knows Jerry. He knows he is going to make decision regarding his team without asking anyone. Without the coaches input...i.e. TO, Pac, Roy. This is why he is in SD, Parcells has always had control of his teams, everywhere he's been. Except for Dallas and why do you wonder that they did not make it out of the first round all those times? Is it because the Tuna is old and moldy?

    He has been a winner with all his tems, NY, NE, and soon with MIA because he was structuring a team to win, a team that fills needs. Not a team he has no idea or identity with. The Barbie Carpenter pick was not Parcells he wanted Hawk and Jerry decided not to move on that. Because he wanted to hold out for an offensive player, Parcells confirmed this like two years ago. He had to fight Jerry about Ware! Jerry was in love with Matt Jones, even mel kiper knew this dude was going to be special after the combine and he is always wrong. There was talk between them and GB to trade picks if they got a linemen and a third rounder...but Jerry is a winner. Now you sit with Barbie the weakest of all the backers in that 3-4.

    If Jerry would just stop being a controlling bastard and let Parcells do his thing, I agree that his ego is extremely huge. But look at the players he has had to deal with. Former 1st picks overall, LT, underachievers, yet he found a way to make them come together and win. Just like Mr. Spygate up in NE, I like Wade but he inherited and empire he was never meant to control. Why now are you taking over the calls, do u not have confidence in ur coaches? then fire him. The money was spent on the front seven...there was no moves to try and get better in the secondary. If sherriff goodell says so Pac doesn't even suit up this year, then what do you do Jerry? Another one was Barber, Bill knew that Barber's power was underrated, do you know who Jerry wanted...Manuel White from UCLA. try and remember that name, They had julius the year before now bill wanted to complement that, thunder and lightning.

    So you see you could be stuck with Manuel white as your third stringer right now and the barbarian in Philly..yeah!!!

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Thursday, 23 October 2008, 11:58 PDT # |

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