Super Bowl Or Bust

October 26, 2008

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Super Bowl Or Bust


           The Cowboys are sitting at 4-3, having lost three out of their last four games after a 3-0 start.  This is not how Jerry Jones had envisioned this season unfolding.  The Cowboys had 13 Pro-Bowlers last year.  They had 22 of 24 starters returning (Marion Barber replaced Julius Jones and Zach Thomas replaced Akin Ayodele).  Jerry had good reason for optimism.  The Cowboys had a decent draft by selecting Felix Jones and bolstering their cornerback depth. They also acquired Adam Jones on a draft day trade.  The Cowboys were 13-3 last year; a Super Bowl would surely be in their grasp this year?



           The expectations were high this year, but that’s nothing new in Dallas.  As a 5-time Super Bowl champion, anything less is unacceptable.  Some teams aspire to make the play-offs or win their division…oh no…not in Dallas!  If the Cowboys go 13-3 (as they did last year) and don’t win the big game…the season is considered a failure!  Last year was a failure…a big failure…they did not win the Super Bowl…nothing else matters in Big D!



           An NFL season is filled with highs and lows…obviously the Cowboys have hit a big low.  Can the Cowboys bounce back?  Can they make the play-offs?  Can they win the Super Bowl?  Yes, yes, and yes they can!  Here are 5 reasons why:



1.  If the Cowboys can split the next two games, they will be 5-4 going into the bye week.  Romo and Felix Jones should be ready to come back following the bye.  The Cowboys would need to go 6-1 or 5-2 in the remaining seven games to finish at 11-5 or 10-6; which should qualify them for the playoffs!



2.   Mr. Fix-it, Wade Phillips, (read more here) will fix the defense.  Terence Newman should be back shortly after the bye week and be available for the stretch run.  Pacman Jones may be reinstated as well.  This will improve the defense significantly and at the right time!



3.  Newly acquired WR Roy Williams will be more acquainted with the playbook as the season goes forward.  Williams will be explosive in this offense once he learns the system and Romo returns to action!



4.  Defenses have been shutting Terrell Owens down thus far this year.  Do you really think this will continue all season?  At some point Owens will explode and start putting up great numbers.  He is still a premier WR and he can’t be shut down for long…especially with the addition of Roy Williams!



5.  The final and most important reason of them all…my crystal ball said so!  That’s right…mark it down…you heard it right here.  The Cowboys will not only make the play-offs…they will win the Super Bowl!



So, you must be wondering…is this guy crazy?  Is this wishful thinking?  Is this a biased opinion of a Dallas fan?  Yes, yes, and of course, yes!  But it boils down to this for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys…its…Super Bowl or bust!

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