There Are No Style Points In The NFL

October 27, 2008

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There Are No Style Points In The NFL


           Yesterday, the Cowboys defeated Tampa Bay 13-9.  The Cowboys were under a lot of pressure the past few weeks.  On and off the field issues fueled the fire.  Every news media outlet is looking through a microscope to see if and when the Cowboys will combust!  Sorry…ESPN…not this week!  We all know that you need the ratings and the material.  How else would you fill your pre and post-game shows?  Look elsewhere; there are 31 other teams with storylines.


           Wade Phillips said he was going to be more involved in the defense…whatever he did…do it again!  That was the best defensive effort I have seen from the ‘Boys in a long time.  The defense played with emotion and a purpose.  Maybe the insertion of young athletic players in the secondary was a breath of fresh air?  Maybe the veteran players knew they needed to step up their game to compensate for the missing players?  Whatever it was, it worked…defensively anyway!


           The offense was out of sync all day.  Owens was more involved than he has been lately, while Roy Williams caught his first TD as a Cowboy.  Barber gutted out some tough yards as well.  When Witten was injured (ribs)…doom was near.  Surely the efforts on defense would go to waste.  The offense was sputtering with no imagination on the horizon.  The defense was playing lights out…holding the Bucs to field goals…bend but don’t break!


           In the end, the Cowboys won despite the play of a Brad Johnson led offense.  It wasn’t very pretty offensively…downright ugly even!  The Cowboys managed a measly 172 yards of offense…are you kidding me?  With all that talent on offense…all those Pro-Bowlers…pathetic!  But Wade and company did what they needed to do…win the ball game, period!  It doesn’t matter how you win.  It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t pretty.  It doesn’t matter if it was ugly…because…there are no style points in the NFL!


Short Shots:


The Philadelphia Phillies smoked the Tampa Bay Rays 10-2 last night to take a commanding lead in the World Series.  The Phils lead the Series 3-1.  If they can win tonight, the Phillies will close out the Series at home and the celebrations can begin!  Philadelphia has been craving a championship for decades and the Phils are on the verge of delivering!  Let’s go Phillies!  The parade down Broad Street is within reach!


Mike Singletary called out TE Vernon Davis on the sideline.  He then sent him to the showers while the game was still going on.  He later blasted him in the post-game press conference.  I don’t know how good or bad Singletary will be as a head coach in the NFL…but I guess we all know who is in charge!


The Cowboys need to address the back-up QB position in the off-season.  Can Brooks Bollinger be the answer next year?  I don’t know!  But I do know that this team has too much talent to waste on a 40-year old has-been (Brad Johnson)!


The Bengals and the Lions remain winless thus far this season.  Both coaches (Marv Lewis and Rod Marinelli) are on the proverbial hot seat!  I hope they are getting their resumes ready!

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