Week 8 Review

October 28, 2008

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Week 8 Review


The newly acquired crystal ball went 3-1 in its debut week, which leaves me 4 games under .500…we’re getting there!  That’s an impressive start for a young and naïve crystal ball.  It performed well in its new role…many people are relying on it…that’s a lot of pressure!  It clearly has better prognosticating skills than its predecessor.  Maybe the new mahogany base it sits on, gave it a sense of prestige.  Well, for whatever reason…I’ll take it!  Now let’s review what happened this past week:


Last Week: 3-1


Overall:  10-14


Tampa Bay @ Dallas:  The Cowboys needed this game in a big way, especially since the rest of the NFC East teams won as well.  The Cowboys defense came to play with a more hands on approach by Wade Phillips…maybe he really is a Mr. Fix-it (read more here)?  It wasn’t pretty…ugly…you might say!  Brad Johnson was awful…but they got the job done (read more here).  Next weeks showdown with the G-Men is huge…we shall see!


Atlanta @ Philadelphia:  The Falcons tried to make a game of it late but they were no match for the high-powered offense of the Eagles.  The Birds were helped out late in the game when the officials blew a game-changing call.  The Falcons were out of time-outs and couldn’t challenge the play.  With the return of Westbrook, the offense was once again running on all cylinders.  This teams dynamics change considerably when Westbrook is healthy.  At 4-3, they are still a team to be reckoned with in the second half of the season!


New York Giants @ Pittsburgh:  The Steelers out-played the G-men for most of the game.  They had the lead, but then…Big Ben got picked and the game changed course.  The Giants took advantage of the situation and stole this game on the road from the Steelers!  Even though the Steelers lost, their defense showed how dominant it could be by stuffing Jacobs at the goal line on several occasions!  The G-Men have a big one coming up against the Cowboys…stay tuned!


Buffalo @ Miami:  With the Dolphins poaching half of the Cowboys staff and roster, Parcells and company has something good going on in South Florida!  Ted Ginn decided to start living up to his high draft status by exploding with 7 receptions and 175 yards.  Chad Pennington showed, that even though he doesn’t have a cannon, he could still manage a game.  He threw for 314 yards and a TD…but most importantly…no picks!


Short Shots:


The World Series is on ice…well…rain, that is!  Game 5 was called in the 6th Inning with the score tied at 2.  The Philadelphia fans, as well as the Phillies, have been waiting since 1983 for a championship…now they will need for “mother nature” to cooperate!  I guess a retractable roof would have been nice?  Patience…my child…patience!


The Cowboys won despite Brad Johnson’s “noodle arm”.  Can they hold down the fort for another week while many of their stars heal?  The Cowboys face the division leading G-Men this week…a win would go a long way to achieving their goals (read more here).


Larry Johnson is to meet with Sheriff Goodell today for his many infractions…Good luck!  He may need to wear those diapers that Dick Vermeil told him to take off a few years back!


What is going on with the Colts?  Their offense is out of sync and the defense isn’t fairing much better.  Peyton and company need to step it up or their “goose” may be cooked before Thanksgiving!


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