October 30, 2008

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Last night, the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3 to win the World Series in five games (4-1).  This is the second World Championship for the Phils…they previously won in 1980…28 years ago.  This will be remembered as one of the weirdest finishes in a Series with an unprecedented suspension of a game due to inclement weather.  The game was concluded 48 hours later…in hindsight…it was worth the wait!


Philadelphia has been starving for a Championship for 25 years…Bon appetite!  The city of “Brotherly Love” often gets criticized in the media about their fans…they booed Santa Clause for God’s sake!  Some of it is warranted, for sure…but their passion is next to none.  Trust me…I know!  As a Cowboys fan, I don’t dare go into the Linc sporting my Dallas jersey.  I get a lot of abuse from the Eagles fans all the time.



I am a casual fan of baseball in general and I don’t really have an allegiance to any team in particular.  So I guess I can be a “homer” when it comes to the Phillies?  If there is room for one more on the Phillies bandwagon…I’d like to jump aboard!


In 1980, when the Phils won the World Series, I was only 11 years old.  I remember, as a 6th grader, how “pumped up” people were; how a city bonded together.  I wasn’t allowed to go to the parade as my parents thought I was too young to go.  I’m not making that mistake again…I’ll see you at the parade…somewhere on Broad Street…finally!


Short Shots:


The Philllies won the World Series in dramatic fashion…the curse of William Penn has been lifted!


The Chargers fired DC Ted Cottrell and they have promoted Ron Rivera (LB coach).  There has been multiple mid-season firings this year…is this the new trend?


T.J. Houshmandzadeh (WR) has guaranteed that the Cincinnati Bengals will win 2 games this year.  Geez…there’s going out on a limb, T.J.!  At-least Jon Kitna had the nerve to say that the Lions would win 10 games and make the play-offs last year…now that’s a leap of faith!


It appears that the KC Chiefs will deactivate Larry Johnson again this week.  He is still waiting to hear from Sheriff Goodell.  Rumor has it that L.J. could be done for the year.  What’s the difference…the Chiefs are horrific!


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