Week 9 Review

November 04, 2008

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Week 9 Review


The new crystal ball is on a roll.  Last weeks debut at 3-1, was followed with perfection…4-0 this week!  That brings our prognosticating record to .500 for the season.  We had a slow start to the season, but now we are on a mission.  I am not one to gloat (yes I am!)…so let’s see what happened:


Last Week: 4-0


Overall:  14-14


Dallas @ New York Giants:  The Cowboys got humiliated in this debacle.  The Dallas defense tried to keep them in the game early, as they scored on a pick-6 by Mike Jenkins…that was the lone highlight for the ‘Boys.  The G-Men pounded the rock and shredded the Dallas defense.  As we thought…the Giants were too much for the Cowboys!


Philadelphia @ Seattle:  The Birds had a scare early in the game, as Koren Robinson scored on a 90-yard TD pass from Seneca Wallace!  But then, as expected, the D-Mac and Westbrook show took over, as the Eagles reeled off 26 unanswered points.  And you know what…the Birds showed pity, as it could have been a lot worse for the ‘Hawks.  The Birds are chirping…chirp…chirp!


New England @ Indianapolis:  The Patriots stumbled into Indy with a laundry list of injuries…too bad!  The Colts took advantage of the situation, as Peyton Manning hooked up with Anthony (don’t call me Tony) Gonzalez for two TDs.  It was a hard fought game…a game the Colts desperately needed!  In the end, Adam (yeah, I used to be a cheater but now I’m not) Vinatieri kicked a 52-yard FG with 8:09 left in regulation.  The Colts defense then preserved the victory with back-to-back takeaways!  Cheaters…never prosper!


Tampa Bay @ Kansas City:  Surprisingly, the Chiefs came to play in this contest.  The Chiefs were winning 24-3.  Jon Gruden had his “Chucky” face on…somebody please tell him Halloween was Friday!  That must have spooked Garcia, as he proved he could still throw the ball at his advanced age.  Garcia hooked up with his new favorite receiver, Antonio (I used to be a Cowboy until I threw my sweaty jersey in Parcells face) Bryant for a TD.  The Bucs were successful on the 2-point conversion, sending the game into OT.  Matt Bryant kicked a 34-yard FG in OT to give the Bucs a dramatic come from behind victory!


Short Shots:


The Cowboys are glad to hit the bye week, as they need to get healthy for a late season push for the play-offs.  The Cowboys could learn a lesson from watching Byron Leftwich come in and save the day for the Steelers after Big Ben went down.


During his press conference after the loss to the G-Men, is it just me, or did Wade Phillips’ face look like he ate a bad tuna fish sandwich?  I bet Wade is going through Tums like it’s candy!


The Detroit Lions blew a big lead against the Bears on Sunday and remain the only winless team in the NFL.  Trick or Treat?  Smell my feat!  The Lions went down in defeat!


Today is Election Day…so don’t forget to vote!  Don’t have time?  Don’t feel like it?  What’s the difference?  Keep in mind that many men (and women) paid the ultimate price to give you that privilege…exercise it!


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