Good Bye...Not Goodbye

November 05, 2008

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Good Bye...Not Goodbye


           The Cowboys have a bye this week and it could not have come at a better time.  The ‘Boys are in a tailspin, as they have plummeted to the bottom of the NFC East, at 5-4.  All hope is not lost though!  Heading into this season they were the “en vogue” pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  They were the clear-cut favorite to win the whole enchilada!  Now, they must regroup, get healthy, and somehow salvage the season.


           Getting Romo back isn’t going to cure all the Cowboys problems…but it provides hope.  The Cowboys need to, somehow, go into Washington and beat the Redskins next week.  Following the ‘Skins, the Cowboys have two favorable match-ups against San Francisco and Seattle…both games at home.



           Many of the so-called experts, who picked the Cowboys, are the same ones whom are trying to bury them now.  It’s funny to see them flip-flop back and forth.  And surely, they will be the first ones to climb back on the bandwagon, once the Cowboys start winning again.


The next three weeks will define this season for the Dallas Cowboys.  If the Cowboys can pull off a 3-game winning streak, they will find themselves at 8-4, with a good shot at accomplishing their goals.  If they can do this, then this will have been a good bye…not goodbye!


Short Shots:


Rumor has it that the Raiders are going to release DeAngelo Hall today.  The Raiders gave the Falcons a 2nd round pick for Hall, and then signed him to a lucrative contract! Once again, proving that Al Davis is a buffoon!


Jerry Jones…as tempting as it is…please do not sign DeAngelo Hall!


The Browns have benched Derek Anderson.  Brady Quinn will start for Cleveland on Thursday night against the Denver Broncos.  That’s great, but is that going to make Braylon Edwards stop dropping every other pass that hits him between the 1 and the 7 on his jersey?


Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.  Whether you are Republican or Democrat, whether you voted for him or not…all Americans must unite and work together for a common goal…to fix the economy!

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  1. Man I feel your pain, i feel bad for Dallas...NOT!!! That what they get for not beefing up their team. I don't care if Aikman from 94 comes back. If youcan't protect it wont matter who is back there. Jerry should go get Hall right now, that shoud be his priority. A DB, you guys need it, too bad Cleveland has already made offers to him, he might take it. Jerry spent all that money and there was a Brooks bollinger sighting in New York and not with the Jets.

    Too bad for you, keep your head up look we were last now in a couple more wins we will be tied for first..Yeah!!!!

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 18:58 PST # |

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