Same-old, Same-old

November 10, 2008

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Same-old, Same-old


           Last night, on Sunday Night Football, the Philadelphia Eagles wasted a golden opportunity.  The Birds lost to the New York Giants 36-31, at home.  Lincoln Financial Field (The Linc) was as loud as ever.  The Philly faithful were out in full force, only to be let down, once again, by the Eagles.  Many fans are fed up and frustrated with the team.


           If you look at the statistics, the Eagles faired fairly well offensively against a top-notch Giants defense.  The Birds managed 300 yards of offense.  McNabb threw for 194 yards and 3 TDs (1 INT), with a QB rating of 80.1.  That’s not a bad days work, usually!  But the Eagles were facing the defending Super Bowl Champions, their defense and turnovers let them down.


           The Eagles, even though they were over-matched all game, had a chance to steal a victory.  With 3:14 left on the clock, the Eagles had one last chance, starting from their own 14-yard line.  The Birds managed to get to the 43-yard line at the 2-minute warning, facing a 3rd and 3.  What happened next, still befuddles me this morning, as much as it did last night.  Westbrook took the hand-off and bounced outside to the right and gained 2 yards while managing to get out of bounds to stop the clock.  4th and 1…Andy, don’t do it…Andy, don’t do it.  He did it anyway!


           We all knew what was going to happen next.  The fans at the Linc, the announcers, and all of us glued to our TVs…we all knew it!  Westbrook to the right…stuffed!  Game over!  Why…Andy…why?  The Eagles were burned earlier in the year with a similar situation in Chicago.  You would think that Andy Reid would have known better?  He did and he does…he’s just too stubborn…it’s just the same-old, same-old!


Short Shots:


The G-Men are now the clear-cut favorites to win the NFC East and have home field advantage in the play-offs…thanks Eagles!


Matt Jones (Jags) and Joey Porter (Miami) are having a verbal squabble over comments made by Porter.  Joey doesn’t understand why Matt is still playing football, since Sheriff Goodell gave him a 3-game suspension?  Neither do I!


The Dolphins unleashed the wildcat on Seattle.  The ‘Fins scored two TDs in the wildcat formation.  Parcells…you pussycat…you!  I could have sworn Big Bill was a dog person?


Herm Edwards tried to pull off a “Shanahan” yesterday by going for 2 while only trailing by one, with 23 seconds left in regulation.  KC failed on the 2-pt conversion and Herm failed his team.  Kick the PAT and go to overtime!


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