Back In The Saddle

November 18, 2008

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Back In The Saddle


           Last night, on Sunday Night Football, the Cowboys and Redskins met in a heated NFC East rivalry.  The ‘Boys came to Washington, sporting a 5-4 record, while the ‘Skins were 6-3.  The Cowboys welcomed back their offensive leader, Tony Romo, as well as Pro-Bowl corner, Terence Newman.  Dallas had already lost to the Redskins earlier this season, and this was a must-win game for the Cowboys.


           To say that the Cowboys offense struggled without Romo the past few weeks is an understatement.  Though the Cowboys only managed 14 points against the ‘Skins, the offense moved the chains, which kept their defense fresh.  Romo was far from perfect, as he threw for two interceptions in the red zone.  Romo threw for 198 yards and a TD pass to Rookie TE Marcellus Bennett.  Newman contributed as well, as he held Santana Moss to 5 receptions for only 29 yards.  T-New also recorded an INT, which stalled a Redskin drive deep into Dallas territory.


           The Cowboys took the lead in the 4th quarter (14-10) and never looked back.  The Redskins went for it on 4th and 4 at the Dallas 37-yard line.  Newman deflected the pass…Cowboys take over on downs with 6:40 left in regulation.  The Cowboys milked the clock like they were on a dairy farm.  They fed Marion Barber the ball 11 times in a row (1 short dump-off pass from Romo and 10 running).  After Barber secured a 4th and 1 play with 1:02 left, Romo kneeled twice in victory formation.  The “Closer” (Barber) did his job!


           The Cowboys got a much-needed victory, on the road, against a formidable football team in the Washington Redskins.  The ‘Boys are now 6-4, and they are in the hunt for a wild-card berth.  For the Cowboys to win the division, it would take a miracle, as the G-Men won, once again, and they are now 9-1.  Did the Cowboys turn the corner?  Are they the same team that started 3-0?  Are they the Super Bowl favorites, once again?  Hardly!  But, they are definitely…back in the saddle!


Short Shots:


Tennessee is now 10-0…that’s amazing considering that they are doing it with Kerry Collins as their QB.  Good thing Vince Young had some issues at the beginning of the season!


The Eagles and the Bengals played to a tie.  A tie in the NFL is extremely rare, as the last tie came in 2002.  What’s amazing is that Donovan McNabb didn’t know that the game ended after 15 minutes if no team scored!  What’s more amazing, is that after McNabb was told that by a reporter during the post-game press conference, he wondered what would happen if that occurred in a play-off game or the Super Bowl.  Are you kidding me?  A QB who has been in the NFL for 10 years, and counts $9.3M against the Eagles cap, doesn’t know this?  This is absurd!


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