No Respect For The Game

November 19, 2008

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No Respect For The Game


           Just this past Sunday (November 16th), something occurred in the NFL during a post-game news conference that has left me dumbfounded.  The Eagles and Bengals played to a 13-13 tie.  Usually that would be news in of itself, since ties are very rare in the NFL.  In fact, the last tie came in 2002.  The last time an Eagles game ended in a tie was, coincidentally, on November 16, 1997 against the Baltimore Ravens.  But what’s got my panties all up in a bunch is what Donovan McNabb had to say after the game.


           By now, I’m sure you have heard his idiotic statements regarding OT.  McNabb did not know that the game would end in a tie, if neither team scored during the 15-minute period…pathetic!  If that’s not bad enough, he went on to wonder how the NFL would handle that situation in the Super Bowl or the play-offs…oh my God, he was actually serious when he said this!  I am flabbergasted!


           Maybe I am being to hard on Donovan?  Should he be expected to know every single rule in the NFL?  The referees don’t get the rules correct all the time (as in the TD at the end of the Pittsburgh-San Diego game).  Should the players be held to a higher standard?  Is it even possible to memorize the entire NFL rulebook?  Probably not!


           As the QB, and leader of his team, D-Mac should know the rules about OT.  I don’t expect him to know every nuance of the rulebook, but I do expect him to have knowledge of the game he plays professionally!  A game in which has rewarded him financially beyond his dreams.  A game in which has made him a household name.  A game that he clearly enjoys playing.  What’s clear to me is that Donovan McNabb has…no respect for the game!


Short Shots:


Roger Goodell will be one busy man this week as he is about to rule on the fate of several players.  Deuce McAllister, Will Smith, Charles Grant, Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, and Grady Jackson are all waiting to see if the Sheriff will rescind their 4-game suspensions.  Pacman Jones is also on deck to find out if he is reinstated, so he can rejoin his fellow Cowboys.


Today on my morning commute; I was listening to WIP (local sports talk radio).  They were taking a poll to see if the fans wanted the Eagles to win or lose against the Ravens this Sunday.  The reasoning was that if the Eagles keep losing that they might fire Andy Reid.  It was about a 50-50 split!  If it were up to the fans…Andy…start packing!


From The Mail Room:


Bill R., Ft. Worth, Texas:  I herd that miles Austin injured his knee against the redskins.  Will this hurt the cowboys being able to stretch defenses?


Utopia1dc: Bill, it’s true.  Miles Austin sprained his knee against the ‘Skins and he is due to miss 2-4 weeks.  With Romo’s pinkie still not being 100%, I don’t know how much the Cowboys will be going deep anyway.  The Cowboys spent a lot for Roy Williams; he needs to step up.  Austin will be missed mostly as the kick returner.


Ken S., Horsham, PA:  i read ur posts alot.  Do you think the eagles will fire coach Reed if they not make the playoffs.


Utopia1dc:  Ken, thank you for reading, and you’re not too far from me, in Horsham.  The Eagles aren’t that bad of a team and I personally like Andy Reid as a coach.  If I were the owner…I’d keep him on board.  But if the ‘Birds do fall below .500 and miss the play-offs; then maybe it’s time for the organization to go in a different direction.


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  1. No you're not being too hard on Donovan. I also find it out-right pathetic! We as loyal NFL fans who watch games every Sunday even know about overtime rules, etc. This guy is getting paid millions upon millions and he didn't know the overtime rules?! Just inexcusable. I was watching ESPNews on Monday and Big Ben said he bets a lot of NFL players probably don't know the overtime rules. This is just...out right pathetic. The NFL seriously needs a basic NFL rule test before players get the 'OK' to play in the league. I know players probably aren't going to know 100%, corner-to-corner the entire rulebook of the NFL, but geez at least get the basics down like overtime! Honestly I didn't even know this was an issue before Donovan spoke after the game about the NFL and ties. Just wow...Took me off guard.

    Tex787Jake Calenda on Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 21:32 PST # |

  2. Jake it took me off guard as well.  Maybe that's why I was so ticked off about?  How can he not know this?  I had to rewind my Tivo several times because I couldn't believe what I was seein and hearing...unreal!

    I've received several emails on this topic and most (if not all) pretty much gave similar opinions on this I guess he deserves all the criticism!


    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 20 November 2008, 04:33 PST # |

  3. Got to say, I love everything that you said about Donovan.  He's a second rate player that makes decent plays here and there.  But to say that his knowledge of the game, weak as it is, is disrepectful of the game, i just can't agree.  Pacman is disrepectful of the game.  Donovan is just ignorant.  But at least he has a concept of team, and leadership.  I hate the guy, but i can see that he is a decent QB.  He leads by example.  He's not out with his boys shooting up a stipclub, or punching out his body guards.  So to say he disrespect the game...naw.  Jake has a very good point that he is getting paid millions, he should know that rule.  No doubt about it.  But what do you expect from a guy who chokes in the super bowl.  He sucks, and therefor, is dumb.  Thanks Utop!  You rock!

    David SalinasCowboy Nation on Thursday, 20 November 2008, 11:21 PST # |

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