Reality Mail Bag - 11/20/08

November 20, 2008

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Reality Mail Bag - 11/20/08


           Each week I will answer questions submitted by my loyal readers.  I personally read every single email I receive.  I will pick out the best five or so to use for the weekly post, as I wont be able to answer all of them.  I will also answer one or two questions on my daily posts as well.  Now it’s time to open the mail!


Jake O., Tulsa, Oklahoma:  I live in tulsa but i am a eagles fan.  Is the meddia going crazy in philly about mcnabb?


Utopia1dc:  Jake the media is always crazy in Philadelphia.  They usually tend to blow things out of proportion, but this time they are ripping McNabb on a daily basis…deservedly so!


Trina K., Chicago:  Now that pacman jones is back, will he replace Henry as a starter?


Utopia1dc:  Trina…hold on there!  Adam Jones was reinstated by Goodell, but he won’t be able to play until after Thanksgiving.  He’s got to prove himself, on and off the field, before we start handing him Anthony Henry’s job.  He will be used as the punt returner and he will also contribute on the nickel and dime sub-packages.


Phil P., Abington, Pa:  I have been a cowboys fan for my whole life but i live in Pennsylvannia.  Do you think that they will make the play offs?


Utopia1dc:  Phil, I’m glad to see all these Cowboys fans in Pennsylvania.  I hope that was a typo…as I hope you know how to spell our home state?  To answer your question…yes, the ‘Boys will make the tournament!


Dave C., Plano, TX:  Howdy!  You a cowboy fan I gather all the way up there.  You alright I guess for a yankee.


Utopia1dc:  Dave…thanks…I guess!  I take a lot of heat from the “Yankees” up here for being a Cowboys fan, so I am glad to see that I have a fan in Plano!


Billy, Philadelphia:  you know what you are a disgrace for being a cowgirl fan cause you live near philly.  You should move your coward [bleep] down there with all those other loser cowgirls.


Utopia1dc:  Billy from Philly…why the hate?  Isn’t this the “City Of Brotherly Love”?  Go back and read this post…Cockroaches.


Short Shots:


Sheriff Goodell reinstated Adam Jones…with strings attached, once again.  Why is it that Goodell always has to dangle a carrot in front of Pacman?  If he is reinstated, why can’t he practice and play this weekend?  Several other players were issued 4-game suspensions several weeks ago and they are still playing?  Come on…Goodell…why don’t you just say that you are a Cowboy hater!


It has been four long days since McNabb uttered those infamous comments about the rules of OT.  Now, McNabb claims to be a “trend setter” because his comments have made the entire league have a better understanding of the OT rules.  Newsflash…D-Mac…everyone else already knew!

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