Predictions Week 12

November 22, 2008

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Predictions Week 12


           Each week, on Friday, I will look into my (never wrong, just misinformed) crystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend games.  I will always prognosticate on the Eagles and Cowboys games and then pick two more games of interest (to me, that is, not necessarily to you).  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball!


           The crystal ball was a little off last week by going a measly 1-2-1 for the week.  The Eagles debacle in Cincy cost me dearly (but not as much as it did McNabb).  That leaves my disgraced crystal ball and me at 17-18-1 for the season, a tad under .500 (.486 to be exact).  This week the crystal ball was given a few extra days off to regain its composure.  Let’s see what’s in store for us this week.


Last Week: 1-2-1


Overall:  17-18-1


San Francisco @ Dallas:  The Cowboys got a much-needed victory against archrival Washington last week.  The Cowboys find themselves right back in the mix for a play-off spot, at 6-4.  Romo looks to be back on track after his mid-season hiatus.  His pinkie should continue to heal as the weeks go by.  The 49ers are coming off a big win as well, but I don’t see them keeping pace with the rejuvenated Cowboys.  The Cowboys will look to get Williams and Owens involved early and often.  Dallas 34, San Francisco 16.


Philadelphia @ Baltimore:  It’s a good thing that the Birds are on the road this week; I just can’t imagine what kind of reception McNabb would be confronted with if this game were at the Linc.  The Eagles were brutally disgraced last week by the Bengals.  The Ravens didn’t fair much better, as they got thrashed by the G-men.   Philly needs a win desperately as McNabb and Andy Reid are fighting for their jobs.  Philadelphia 20, Baltimore 17.


Oakland @ Denver:  The Raiders played well against the Fins last week but they still couldn’t manage to get a win.  Offensively, they are a pathetic, to say the least.  Their defense has played well at times.  Al Davis shelled out big time cash in the off-season; I’m sure this isn’t the team he had envisioned.  The Broncos got a huge win by knocking off the Falcons in Atlanta last week.  Denver has a 2-game lead in their division and now is not the time for a let down.  Denver 27, Oakland 13.


New York Jets @ Tennessee:  The Titans are standing tall at 10-0 and they are ripe to be knocked down.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall!  Look out Tennessee; the original Titans (the New York Titans changed their name to the New York Jets in 1963) are coming to town to reclaim their nomenclature.  Favre and his new buddies will get it done somehow, someway.  Upset special…New York Jets 27, Tennessee 26.


Short Shots:


Shout out to D-Mac the trendsetter…this week’s game is in Baltimore at 1:00 PM.  If you need directions, here’s a link to MapQuest.


The Cowboys got hit with another bit of bad new this week.  Rookie sensation Felix “the cat” Jones will be placed on IR, as he needs surgery on his toe.  Ironically, he injured his toe while rehabbing his quad.  Felix will have to wait until next year for us to hear him meow!


Je’Rod Cherry is raffling off his Super Bowl ring, the first of the three he won as a member of the New England Patriots.  No this is not another star down on his luck…read why here.  Mr. Cherry, if you were part of the cheating in New England…all is forgiven!


From The Mail Room:


Vet, Ambler, PA:  Will having two people by replay booth help correct issues? I personally think if one screws it up they both will.


Utopia1dc:  Vet, I see that you’re a fellow Amblerite.  I agree with you that having two officials at the booth won’t help one bit.  If the refs don’t know how to interpret the rule, what’s the difference if they stand next to each other or not.  They’ve always been able to confer with each other prior to announcing their final decision anyway.

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