November 24, 2008

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           Yesterday, the Cowboys defeated the San Francisco 49ers, at Texas Stadium, by a score of 35-22.  Don’t let the score fool you, the ‘Boys were in cruise control mid-way through the 2nd quarter.  The Cowboys defense started off a little shaky, but they were able to limit the 49ers to field goals.  After the 1st quarter, the boys trailed 6-0, but that’s when it happened…the game changed in an instant!


           The Cowboys got the ball at their own 23-yard line to start the 2nd quarter.  After an incomplete pass by Romo, and a 2-yard dive by Barber, the ‘Boys were faced with a 3rd and 8 from their own 25-yard line.  The Cowboys were in shotgun formation.  Romo was flushed to his right; he looked up and found Owens streaking down the sideline.  Romo fired a bomb that landed in Owens hands.  Owens broke a tackle and took it to the house, for a 75-yard TD.


           From that point on, the Cowboys were unstoppable.  Romo threw for 341 yards and 3 TDs.  Owens had a career day with 7 receptions for 213 yards and a TD.  Until yesterday, 89 yards were the most Terrell had recorded this season, which was against Philadelphia, in week 2.  That play alone, could be the spark that the Cowboys needed to get to their ultimate goal!



           Owens has been frustrated this year…no doubt!  He has remained a good teammate, and has towed the company line.  He bit his lip and didn’t throw Brad Johnson under the bus (though he very well should have).  Terrell sees the big picture…he sees the prize!  Owens knew that he would get his chance, once “his quarterback” was healthy.  Terrell knew that when they got their timing back, there was nothing to stop T.O. from…exploding!


Short Shots:


Andy Reid pulled D-Mac in favor of Kevin Kolb to start the 2nd half yesterday.  The Eagles only trailed the Ravens 10-7 at half-time.  I’m not sure what Big Red was thinking?  As expected, Kolb didn’t fare much better, and the Birds laid another egg!  For those that want the Kolb era to begin will have to wait, as Reid has named McNabb the starter for the Turkey Day game!


Matt Cassel threw for over 400 yards yesterday.  Actually, he has thrown for 400+ yards, 2 weeks in a row…a feat that has only been accomplished four other times.  Cassel…I apologize for calling you a professional clipboard holder…sorry!


From The Mail Room:


Josh D., Topeka, Kansas:  The cowboys played good and beat san fran but they stink.  Do you really think da boyz have a chance to win superbowl?


Utopia1dc:  Josh, I do agree that the 49ers are a poor team, but nonetheless, the Cowboys took care of business.  You can’t control whom you play, but when you play a lesser team…you got to beat them.  And the ‘Boys did just that!  As far as the Super Bowl goes…why not?  If Romo stays healthy and Roy Williams can get more involved, I think that the Cowboys offense is unstoppable!

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