Week 12 Review

November 26, 2008

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Week 12 Review

The crystal ball had a mediocre week, to say the least.  The crystal ball went 2-2 for the week, and is now 19-20-1 for the season.  That’s just slightly under .500 (.488 to be exact).  We need to give it props for predicting the upset of the year (in my opinion).  On the other hand, we must chastise it for the debacle in Denver.  Let’s review what happened.


Last Week: 2-2


Overall:  19-20-1


San Francisco @ Dallas:  This game started out close, but the 49ers were only able to convert 2 field goals early in the game.  The Cowboys defense did their job by not allowing the game to get out of reach, while the offense was struggling.  In the 2nd quarter, the ‘Boys offense exploded, as Romo hit Owens on a 75-yard bomb for a TD.  After that, it was smooth sailing for Dallas, as Owens had a career-type day with 7 receptions, 213 yards, and a TD.  The ‘Boys seem to be back on track to make a push for the play-offs!


Philadelphia @ Baltimore:  The Eagles and the Ravens were in a classic defensive struggle at half time, with the Ravens leading 10-7.  Then, the unthinkable happened…D-Mac was benched in favor of Kevin Kolb.  Reid was so ashamed that he had the QB coach tell McNabb, as he was not man enough to do it himself!  Now, I grant you that McNabb was struggling, but to pull him like that…that’s disrespectful!  I know I have ripped D-Mac about the OT thing…but he didn’t deserve this!  Kolb didn’t fare much better, as Baltimore ran away with this one in the 2nd half.


New York Jets @ Tennessee:  The mighty have fallen…just as I had predicted.  Favre was tremendous in this game, but the Jets defense held the Titans in check.  It took Favre and his new buddies about a month to get used to each other, but now they are hitting on all cylinders.  With Thomas Jones and Leon Washington leading the way on the ground, Favre’s aerial attack, and the defense playing well, the Jets are the team to beat in the AFC!


Oakland @ Denver:  Boy, was the crystal ball wrong about this one.  The Broncos picked a bad week for a let down, because the Raiders came to town ready to rumble.  Fargas led the Raiders in the ground game, but McFadden was able to finish the job with 2 TDs.  Russell only threw 11 passes, completing 10 of them, as he led his team to victory.  Johnnie Lee Higgins returned a punt 89 yards for a TD.  That’s his 2nd in as many weeks, as he had a 93-yard punt return for a TD last week against the Fins!


Short Shots:


Brady Quinn will miss the remainder of the season with a broken index finger.  That’s too bad, as the Golden Domer had finally gotten his shot to strut his stuff a few weeks ago, when he took over for Derek Anderson.  Quinn is clearly the QB of the future in Cleveland, so for the next 5 weeks, Derek will be auditioning for a new job next season.


Adam Jones is back and practicing this week with his fellow Cowboys.  He will not be allowed to play on Turkey Day, as he is finishing up his suspension, which ended up being 6 games.  This time, Pacman will have to stay out of trouble with no help from the Cowboys.  Jerry Jones has taken away the security guards that were assigned to Adam.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing…since that’s what got him in trouble in the first place!


From The Mail Room:


Fred S., Amarillo, Texas:  Hey, I'm a displaced Eagles fan down here in Amarillo but I am originally from Pottsville.  Anyway what the heck is going on with Donovan Mcnabb?


Utopia1dc:  Fred, how did you end up in Amarillo?  I’ve never been to Pottsville, but it’s not too far from me, but I have been through Amarillo on my way to the Texas Grand Canyon.  As for McNabb, he has been given his starting job back for the Turkey Day game.  McNabb was severely disrespected by Andy Reid, in my opinion.  I don’t see D-Mac returning to Philly next season.  The McNabb era is over.  The Reid era is in serious jeopardy, as well!


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