Reality Mail Bag - 12/01/08

December 01, 2008

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Reality Mail Bag - 12/01/08


           Each week I will answer questions submitted by my loyal readers.  I personally read every single email I receive.  I will pick out the best five or so to use for the weekly post, as I wont be able to answer all of them.  I will also answer one or two questions on my daily posts as well.  Now it’s time to open the mail!


Johnny A., Norristown, PA:  I am a diehard Eagles fan.  The Eagles looked great on Thursday but do you think they can squeak into the playoffs?


Utopia1dc:  Johnny…that’s going to be a tough task.  D-Mac was on fire and Westbrook looked a lot better than he has in several weeks.  If the Eagles continue to play like that, anything is possible.  They could be dangerous if they can make it into the tournament.  It doesn’t look too promising, as the Birds have dug a huge hole for themselves.


Andrew P., Atlanta, Georgia:  Michael Vick just plead guilty to state dog fighting charges.  Do you think he will get a shot to play again soon?


Utopia1dc:  The reason Vick plead guilty was to have some of the charges dropped.  He was also able to avoid more jail time.  When Vick gets out of jail, he will be facing several years of probation.  On top of that Sheriff Goodell isn’t just going to let him back in right away.  I have a feeling Goodell will be very stern with Vick.  With all that being said, some team will give him a chance, but he will be on very thin ice!


Big Tex, Paris, Texas:  The cowboys are cooked if they lose Ware and the Barbarian to injuries.


Utopia1dc:  Big Tex…calm down there, big fella!  Ware is the heart and soul of the defense and he should be fine.  MRI results were negative.  Ware should be good to go, especially with the additional three days rest.  Pretty much the same goes for Barber.  His pinkie toe is dislocated, but not fractured.  He will wear a protective steel toe shoe and a good tape job should keep him in the line-up!


Willy S., Ponca City, Oklahoma:  I'm a big Patriots fan and you always bust on them especially matt casel.  What gives man?


Utopia1dc:  Slick Willy, you’re right…I do bust on the Patriots all the time.  I lost respect for the entire organization because of Spy-gate, especially Bill Belichick.  I have given Matt Cassel a lot of grief, but I also gave him some props and apologized to him in a previous post…maybe you missed that one!  Read this post…Exploding!


Michelle, Gilbertsville, PA:  So, now that Donovan had such a good week, do you think Reid may have been right in pulling him at half-time last week?  Do you think that was what McNabb needed to get back on track?


Utopia1dc:  Michelle, I see you reside in my neck of the woods!  McNabb had a good week because he’s a good QB…it had nothing to do with his benching!  Reid was wrong in benching his franchise QB…dead wrong!  He disrespected the man who has defended the Eagles organization from day one.  D-Mac has had Andy’s back on many occasions, too bad Big Red couldn’t return the favor!  McNabb will be out of Philly after the season is over…it will do him a world of good.  The Bears could use D-Mac’s services!


Short Shots:


Plaxico Burress…what the heck were you thinking?  You shot yourself, in the leg, with a gun, in a bar…come on dude!  Stupid…stupid…stupid!  He will surely be suspended for the remainder of the season and the play-offs.  Idiot!


The Cowboys are inching their way closer to a play-off spot each week.  It seems as though they have been spared another catastrophe, as both DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber will not miss any time due to the injuries they sustained on Turkey Day.

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