Week 13 Review

December 02, 2008

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Week 13 Review


The crystal ball had a stellar week by going undefeated at 4-0.  That puts the crystal ball at 23-20-1 for the season.  That’s three games over .500 (.534 to be exact).  The crystal ball has a slightly sore back this week.  You know…with all that patting itself on the back stuff!  Let’s review and see what happened last week.


Last Week: 4-0


Overall:  23-20-1


Seattle @ Dallas:  The Cowboys looked good from start to finish.  That’s what is expected when you play a team like the Seahawks.  Once the ‘Boys had the lead, they never looked back.  They kept the pedal to the metal, and didn’t let Seattle back in the game.  The only downer was the injuries to DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber.  Both left the game and didn’t return, but they should be fine for this week’s match-up against the Steelers.


Arizona @ Philadelphia:  The Eagles got a big win against the Cards.  Arizona is a formidable team and the Eagles never let Warner get in a rhythm.  The Birds put up a 40-burger (48 points to be exact) on the Cards, as McNabb proved himself as the leader of the team.  McNabb was flawless, as he threw for 260 yards and 4 TDs.  That’s not too shabby for a QB that everyone wants to run out of town.  By winning, the Eagles also kept their play-offs hopes alive.


Tennessee @ Detroit:  The Titans disgraced the Lions in a blowout!  Tennessee has a well-balanced offense with two quality running backs.  Kerry Collins is a very good manager of the offense, but he can still make all the necessary throws when needed.  The Titans defense is playing well also.  Jeff Fisher has his club firing on all cylinders heading into the play-offs!


Pittsburgh @ New England:  At halftime, this game was knotted at 10-10.  Offensively, the Steelers hammered the ball with Moore and Parker.  Big Ben did his job, but he did have a couple of picks.  The Patriots kept it close for a while, but their 5 turnovers sealed their fate.  Matt Cassel didn’t stand a chance against the Steelers defense once they fell behind.  You just can’t give the ball away that many times to a quality team and expect to win…not in the NFL!


Short Shots:


The Cleveland Browns suffered another injury at QB.  After losing Brady Quinn a few weeks ago, they have now lost Derek Anderson as well.  It’s now up to Ken Dorsey to try and salvage Romeo Crennel’s job…not a pretty site in Cleveland!  Romeo…start packing!


Plaxico Burress posted $100,000 bail yesterday.  He is now back out on the streets until March 31, 2009…when he goes back in front of the Judge!  Unfortunately for Plaxico, Goodell won’t take as long to render judgment!  Plax…just stay inside your house!  Shop online if you get bored!


From The Mail Room:


Henry D., Carlstadt, NJ:  How can Burress be so stupid.  He is gonna cost the giants the superbowl.


Utopia1dc:  Henry, I agree 100%…Plaxico Burress is a first rate fool!  He has been a distraction to the G-Men all season long.  The Giants may be better off without him.  As far as costing the Giants the Super Bowl…I don’t know about all that!  I don’t see the G-Men repeating!


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