What They Are

December 03, 2008

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What They Are


           The Cowboys find themselves in the middle of the herd for the play-off race.  They have won three straight games, and four out of their last five.  The ‘Boys stand at 8-4, which is a decent record.  This year, if the season ended today, the Dallas Cowboys would be watching on TV…like you and me.  The Cowboys trail the Giants by three games, with four to play.  The division is out of reach.  The ‘Boys must travel via the wildcard route.


           The Cowboys actually have a better record than two of the division leaders.  The Vikings and Cardinals are both 7-5, but they would be in the tournament, and the ‘Boys would be out!  I don’t think that it’s fair, but that’s the rules…and you can’t argue the rules!  They are what they are!


           Being a wildcard isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The G-Men (last season) and the Steelers (three seasons ago), where both wildcards, and they both advanced to and won the Super Bowl.  It’s not an easy task, as you must win on the road in the play-offs!


           The Cowboys face the Steelers this Sunday.  Pittsburgh is 9-3, and in first place in their division by one game over the Ravens.  The ‘Boys must travel to the Steel City, and face the No. 1 defense in the league, and come home with a win.  That’s not an easy task for any team, but if the Cowboys want to be considered serious Super Bowl contenders…than that’s what they must do!



           Bill Parcells would often tell us to wait until after Thanksgiving to evaluate the team.  I recall him saying, “You are what you are” many times.  Well, it’s a week past Turkey Day, and the ‘Boys will face a formidable Pittsburgh Steelers team on the road.  Come Sunday, we will all know…what they are!


Short Shots:


Sheriff Goodell was a busy man, as he finally dished out the 4-game suspensions to the players who were caught taking the “water” pills…it’s about time!  Those players are filing a suit in court for an injunction on the Sheriff’s ruling…good luck on that one!


Plaxico Burress was fined, suspended (without pay) for the remainder of the season (including the play-offs), and put on the non-football injury list by the Giants.  His days as a member of the New York Giants is numbered…and that’s the least of his worries!



From The Mail Room:


Kyle P., Willow Grove, PA:  Pacman is back on the team will he be a factor?


Utopia1dc:  Adam Jones is now officially back as a member of the Cowboys.  To make room for Pacman, the Cowboys placed Pat Watkins on IR.  Jones will contribute mainly on punt returns.  He will also play on the defensive sub-packages when the ‘Boys go into the nickel and dime.  I wouldn’t expect a lot from him, as he has been away from “live” action for some time now!

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