December 10, 2008

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           This past Sunday, the Cowboys had a 10-point lead against the Pittsburgh Steelers, late in the 4th quarter.  Then disaster struck, as the Cowboys were not able to finish off the Steelers.  All the Cowboys needed were a couple of first downs and the game would be over.  Nope…didn’t happen!  The Cowboys let the Steelers tie the game with about 2 minutes left in regulation.  Then, Romo gave the entire Steeler Nation an early Christmas present by throwing a pick-6…game over!


The Cowboys are now 8-5, and they are hanging by a thread to the 6th (and final) play-ff spot in the NFC.  If the ‘Boys were to win the rest of their games, they would be assured of making the tournament.  That’s not an easy task, as the Cowboys have faltered in December the past few years.  They must right the ship if they want to be playing in January.


The Cowboys out-gained the Steelers in rushing yards, passing yards, and in total yards.  They also had the edge in time of possession.  The ‘Boys also had 5 sacks compared to the Steelers 3.  The Cowboys lost the most important statistic…the turnovers.  The Cowboys had 5 turnovers (the Steelers had 2), and the last one sealed their fate.  Deshea Townsend picked off an errant Romo pass to Witten, and returned it for the winning TD!


Last week, I wrote that this game would tell us everything we need to know about the 2008 Dallas Cowboys…What They Are.  The Cowboys have under-achieved this year, as they were the preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl.  Now, they are battling just to make the playoffs.  Maybe, everyone just overrated the Cowboys from the beginning?  Maybe, they’re just not good enough?  Maybe, they’re just…chokers?


Short Shots:


On a positive note, Tashard Choice of the Cowboys proved to be a capable RB.  Choice gained 88 yards rushing (the most allowed by the #1 Steelers defense all season) and another 78 yards receiving on 5 receptions.  Not too bad for a rookie RB drafted in the 4th round, in his first NFL start!


Matt Jones (Jaguars) will finally serve his 3-game suspension that was handed out several months ago.  Jones had appealed the suspension, but now he will miss the last 3 games of the season!


From The Mail Room:


Frank G., Philadelphia, PA:  Your cowgirls are cooked.  E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!


Utopia1dc:  Frank, I don’t know if the Cowboys are quite cooked just yet…maybe simmering a little?  I applaud your enthusiasm for your Eagles chant, but aren’t they currently trailing the Cowboys?


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