Week 14 Review

December 11, 2008

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Week 14 Review


The crystal ball was brought back down to Earth this past week by going 2-2.  That puts the crystal ball at 25-22-1 for the season.  That’s three games over .500 (.531 to be exact).  The Cowboys and the Jets let the crystal ball down this past week.  The crystal ball assures me it will rebound this coming weekend.  Let’s review and see what happened last week.


Last Week: 2-2


Overall:  25-22-1


Dallas @ Pittsburgh:  The Cowboys had the lead for most of the game.  The ‘Boys had the Steelers on the ropes all afternoon.  Dallas out-gained Pittsburgh in every statistical category, except the turnover battle.  The Cowboys committed 5 turnovers, while the Steelers turned the ball over twice.  It was over when Romo threw a pick-6 in the final minutes of the game.  The ‘Boys played a tough game, but they could not put the Steelers away when they had the chance.


Philadelphia @ New York Giants:  The Eagles played their best game of the year.  The offense was balanced, as Andy Reid mixed up the play calling very well.  The Giants were not the same offensively without Plaxico Burress.  The Eagles stacked the line and kept the potent New York running attack in check.  The G-Men scored on a blocked field-goal attempt right before halftime, but they couldn’t keep the momentum going in the second half.  If the Birds make the tournament, they could be a dark horse in the NFC!


Minnesota @ Detroit:  The Lions gave the Vikings all they could handle for most of the game.  Gus Frerotte was injured in the game, and Tarvaris Jackson came in off the bench to pull out the victory.  I didn’t think it was going be this close of a game.  I will give Detroit credit for not quitting on the season, but 0-16 is staring them in the face.  It doesn’t look good for the Lions the rest of the season either, but the 1st overall pick is their consolation prize!


New York Jets @ San Francisco:  I thought this game was going to be a blowout.  I didn’t give the 49ers a chance in the world to be able to beat the Jets.  Favre was not on top of his game in this contest.  The Jets got away from the running game to early, which was a surprise, since Thomas Jones has been lighting it up this year.  Give Mike Singletary credit for keeping the 49ers focused.  Having a coaching change in mid-season is not an easy task for a team, but Singletary is making a case for having the interim tag removed from his title!


Short Shots:


Pacman Jones suffered a herniated disk in his neck during the Steelers game.  It appears he will be done for the season.  The Cowboys medical staff believes that it could be even worse.  The injury could be career threatening, not just a season ending injury.  That’s too bad, because whether you like the guy or not, I wanted to see if he could make amends for his past indiscretions.  Now he may never have the chance to do so!


Jerry Jones is taking some heat in the media for questioning Marion Barber’s toughness for not playing last week due to his dislocated pinkie toe.  I agree with Jerry to some degree; for being called “the Barbarian”, you would think he could play with a little pain!


From The Mail Room:


Marcy P., Gilbertsville, PA: Just wondering your thoughts on the OJ verdict.  A lot of people have said he was given such a hard sentence to make up for "getting off on killing two people".  I certainly don't claim that he is innocent in the former incident, but I do think his sentence is a bit harsh for the crime committed.  What do you think?


Utopia1dc:  Marcy, you bring up a very good point.  I don’t know whether OJ committed the murders he was acquitted of or not.  There’s a lot of evidence that says he did those crimes, but he was found not guilty.  It would appear that the sentence he received in Las Vegas was a make-up verdict for the previous trial.  OJ says he was trying to recover his stolen memorabilia items.  He claims that he didn’t intended to break any laws.  I believe him…this time, anyway!

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