December 15, 2008

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           Last night, on NBC’s prime time Sunday Night Football, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants, 20-8.  The Cowboys desperately needed the win, as they are fighting for their playoff lives.  The Cowboys are now 9-5, but so are the Vikings, the Bucs, and the Falcons.  The Eagles and Bears aren’t that far behind either.  With the Cowboys facing the Ravens and the Eagles in their next two games, the ‘Boys needed a win…desperately.


           Last week, the Cowboys lost a heartbreaker to the Steelers; a game they should have won.  The Cowboys control their own destiny; if they win their last two games, they are in the tournament as the 5th seed.  If the Cowboys sustain another loss, that could get dicey with the logjam in the NFC.  If the Eagles win tonight, that could potentially make the season finale between the Birds and ‘Boys, a winner take all…but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!


           This past week was a difficult one for the Cowboys, with all the media distractions, ESPN and Ed Werder the main culprits.  Now, the Cowboys, mainly Owens, did bring some of that upon themselves, with their bickering over how the ball should be distributed.  But winning cures many things.  Last night’s win will go a long way in quieting some of the nay Sayers!



           It’s a funny thing how the NFL season unfolds.  After a great start (3-0), the Cowboys were being crowned Super Bowl champions.  Then, there was the midseason lull; with Romo being injured…the Cowboys were done!  Then, the ‘Boys reeled off three consecutive wins with Romo back at he helm…the ‘Boys are back!  Last week, the ‘Boys loss to the Steelers coupled with the media distractions, and surely the Cowboys were falling apart before our eyes.


           The ‘Cowboys showed that they have the desire and the talent to win big games.  Romo played well, as he spread the ball around to 9 different receivers.  Now, that’s what I call ball distribution, but more importantly, keeping everyone happy!  The Cowboys defense was superb.  They were relentless all night long, as the ‘Boys registered 8 sacks on Manning (3 by league leading sack master extraordinaire, DeMarcus Ware).  This win doesn’t quite fix everything, but it sure was…sack-alicious!


Short Shots:


Two weeks ago the Cowboys were 8-4, and they were on the outside of the playoff bubble.  Last week they lost, and actually gained a few spots to be the 6th seed.  With yesterday’s win, they currently hold the 5th spot.  If they lose next week, they could drop out of the playoff picture…go figure?  I guess that’s why they play all 16 games!


Owens addressed the media last night after the game.  He was cordial for the most part, and answered every question that had nothing to do with the game itself!  He also called out Ed Werder, basically calling him a liar, and that he was telling tales.  Good for Terrell…about time someone has the nerve to confront this ratings whoremonger!


From The Mail Room:


Matt K., Joplin, Missouri:  What do you think of Choice he looked good against the giants?  Are TO, Witten and Romo going to be able to work things out?


Utopia1dc:  Tashard Choice has proven to be a quality RB.  I think the Cowboys found a steal in the 4th round.  Can you imagine the type of versatility the Cowboys would have if Felix Jones weren’t lost for the season.  Next year could be fun with all three RBs.  As for Romo, Witten, and Owens…they should be fine.  Owens likes attention (and the ball), but I see that as a good thing.  I’d hate for him (or any player, for that matter) to say that he didn’t want the ball more.


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