December 18, 2008

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           Last year, the Cowboys sent 13 players to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.  Granted, a few of those players made it by name alone, but for the most part they deserved it.  When you go 13-3, as the Cowboys did last year, you tend to get a lot of coattail votes.  This year the ‘Boys will be sending only 5 players.


Sending 5 players is still a great honor for a team that has struggled at times this year.  The problem is that with all the pre-season hype about the Cowboys making a Super Bowl run, it’s somewhat of a disappointment that more players were not selected.  I’ll be the first to admit that having 13 players selected from one team is ridiculous.  No team is that good at nearly every position!


           There are many players on the Cowboys this year that should be upset that they didn’t get selected.  Among those players should be Bradie James, Terence Newman, and especially Tony Romo.  All three of these players have played well enough for consideration, but Romo has the best case to be upset.


           Romo has the stats to prove it.  He is 8-3 as starter this season (he missed 3 games due to a pinkie injury).  He has thrown for over 3,000 yards, with 2 games to play.  He is averaging 273.9 YPG (4th best in the NFL).  Romo is averaging 8.2 yards per pass (1st in the NFL).  He has a QB rating of 98.3 (2nd best), and has thrown 24 TD passes (4th best).  Romo’s stats speak for themselves.  Tony is a standup guy and he would never say this, so I’ll say it for him.  Tony Romo got…snubbed!


Short Shots:


Adam Jones has been cleared to play Saturday night against the Ravens.  This is good news for both Jones and the Cowboys.  At first, it was feared that his injury could have been career ending.  Now, it appears that he will see significant playing time against the Ravens.  Jones will return to his usual duties of returning kicks, and playing in the nickel and dime packages.


The G-Men may have won the NFC East, but they have lost back-to-back games against division foes (Eagles and Cowboys).  This will not bode well for the Giants, as they may have to face one of these teams in the upcoming playoffs!


From The Mail Room:


Kevin B., Sacramento, CA:  What's wrong with LT he has been aweful this year and he is killing my fantasy team.


Utopia1dc:  Kevin, LaDainian Tomlinson is still a quality RB in the NFL.  We have been spoiled over the years with his stellar play.  LT will gain over 1000 yards again this season, but his per carry average is down from previous years.  LT has been limited with some lagging injuries as well.  As far as your fantasy team goes, that’s a different story.  You may want to go in a different direction next year.  LT’s numbers will continue to be average from this point forward.  But remember, his average is more likely better than many RBs best!

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