Not Dead Yet

December 22, 2008

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Not Dead Yet


           On Saturday night, the Cowboys had a golden opportunity to close out Texas Stadium in style.  This was the final game to be played at the stadium.  A Cowboys win would have been a fitting end to a stadium that has had many classic games.  A win, and the Cowboys would have been one step further in their quest for a playoff berth, and a Super Bowl run.


           It didn’t happen!  The Cowboys defense played well for 55 minutes, but they let two long runs (77 yards and 82 yards) ruin what could have been a festive night in Texas!  Sure, they still had a ceremony after the game.  They honored many former players, but it wasn’t the same.  The Cowboys loss put them in a situation in which they would need help to get to the tournament; a win alone next week against the Birds wouldn’t be enough.


           On Sunday, the same football gods that scoffed at them the night before, gave the ‘Boys an early Christmas present.  On Sunday afternoon, the Buccaneers and the Eagles both lost.  Those two losses put the Cowboys right back in the drivers seat…they control their own destiny, again!  What was a somber Saturday night, turned into a thankful Sunday.


           Now, this isn’t going to be easy.  The Cowboys must re-group, and get a big win in Philadelphia.  That’s not going to be an easy chore.  Sure, the Cowboys defeated the Eagles way back in Week 2, but that game went down to the wire.  The Eagles are still alive.  The Birds will need a little help to get into the tournament, even if they get the win.  I expect a lot of hype this week leading up to kick-off.  The game was not moved to primetime, to my surprise, but I think that’s a good thing for the ‘Boys.  Playing in Philly is tough enough, let alone giving the Eagles fans an extra 7 hours of tailgating to get pumped up for the game.  So after all this, the Cowboys are…not dead yet!


Short Shots:


The G-Men have locked up home field in the NFC, while the Titans have done the same in the AFC.  It’s going to be tough to knock off the Giants at the Meadowlands!


The Sunday night primetime game on NBC will be Denver @ San Diego.  The winner wins the division; the loser is out altogether!  Wow…and to think that Denver had this division all but wrapped up a few weeks ago.  Now they must beat the Bolts on the road!  Norv lives…for one more week, at-least!


From The Mail Room:


Ronny M., Feasterville, PA:  I'm a huge Eagles fan and I am looking forward to reading your blog after we kick your boys all the way back to big D.


Utopia1dc:  Ronny, you know what…here’s a humorous little nugget for you.  I got your email within 10 minutes of the final whistle of the game on Saturday night.  You weren’t even close to being the first with a similar comment about the upcoming game between the ‘Boys and the Birds.  I had over a dozen emails and a handful of voicemails.  I will look forward to writing about the game either way.  Remember, I am a football fan who happens to be a Cowboys fan, not the other way around.  I like to see quality football…whether my team wins or loses.  This game should live up to the hype…at-least I hope it does!


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