Week 16 Review

December 23, 2008

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Week 16 Review


The crystal ball had a mediocre performance this past week, going a mere 2-2.  We’re not sure what happened, but we will get to the bottom of this.  The crystal ball took its lumps on the Cowboys game, but it may have been predicting with its heart rather than its fortune-telling powers?  Either way, that puts the crystal ball at 29-22-1 for the season.  That’s seven games over .500 (.563 to be exact).  Let’s take a look back, and review what happened last week.


Last Week: 2-2


Overall:  31-24-1


Baltimore @ Dallas:  (LOSS)  The crystal ball thought this was going to be a big win for the ‘Boys, we all know that didn’t happen.  The Ravens defense played well, and kept the Dallas offense in check for most of the night.  The Cowboys had two late drives to close within a field goal, but each time the Ravens responded.  And boy did they respond, with back to back long runs of 77 and 82 yards; each for TDs!  It was like the parting of the Red Sea.  The ‘Boys played tough, but they blew a golden opportunity in the NFC playoff race, as well as closing Texas Stadium with a dud!


Philadelphia @ Washington:  (WIN)  This was a classic defensive struggle.  Washington was stacking the box with eight and nine players; daring the Eagles to pass.  Well, we all know Andy loves to pass the ball, so he took the challenge.  The Eagles were a little thin at the WR position with a couple of injuries.  That didn’t stop D-Mac and Big Red from trying to pass their way to victory.  With seconds on the clock, McNabb hit his target at the 1-yard line, only to be sandwiched by two Redskins defenders…game over!


New Orleans @ Detroit:  (WIN)  New Orleans went full throttle on the helpless Lions.  Drew Brees was simply outstanding in a blow out victory.  He was flinging the ball around as if the Detroit defense wasn’t even playing.  It’s a shame that this team isn’t going to make the tournament, if only they could sure up the defensive.  On offense, they are top notch, but that’s not good enough in the NFL…you need balance!  Maybe next year?  Detroit…0-16 is in your future!


New York Jets @ Seattle:  (LOSS)  The Jets have been in somewhat of a slump the last few weeks.  After they beat the Titans, it seems as if they put the brakes on.  Maybe they started reading their own press clippings, and thought all they had to do was show up to win?  Not in the NFL, baby!  Favre has looked suspect during this lackluster stretch.  He has thrown many key INTs that I bet he would like back, but that’s Favre!  His greatness is what gets him in trouble at times.  They are still alive for a playoff spot, but they could have made things easier on themselves had the beat the lowly Seahawks.


Short Shots:


The Chicago Bears defeated the Green bay Packers on MNF, in dramatic fashion, to keep their playoff hopes alive.  They blocked a FG attempt with seconds left in the game to force OT.  They then proceeded to win the coin toss, get the ball, and score.  They live for another week!


Plaxico Burress is in the news again.  He apparently got into a car accident last May.  It has been reported that he was driving with an expired license and no insurance.  Dude, you make millions, don’t you have a personal assistant to take care of this stuff for you?  If not, you can email me and I’ll send you my resume!


From The Mail Room:


Adam, Camden, NJ:  I'm going to the game Sunday and was wondering if you know of any Cowboys tailgating that will be going on pregame. If so, what lot/where?  Thanks so much.  GO COWBOYS!


Utopia1dc:  Adam, you can look for me in section 221.  I will be with some friends that are Eagles fans.  I will be wearing an Eagles Terrell Owens jersey that I purchased for $2 on clearance.  This way, I blend in and can cheer in silent mockery…and not get my butt kicked!  I would recommend that you skip any tailgating and not show your colors, because it could get ugly if the ‘Boys win!  Go Cowboys!


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