Week 17 Review

January 02, 2009

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Week 17 Review


The crystal ball had a mediocre performance this past week, going a mere 2-2.  We’re not sure what happened, but this is not acceptable.  The crystal ball took its lumps on the Cowboys game, but it may have been predicting with its heart rather than its fortune-telling powers?  Either way, that puts the crystal ball at 33-26-1 for the season.  That’s seven games over .500 (.558 to be exact).  Hopefully the crystal ball will perform better in the playoffs!  Let’s take a look back, and review what happened last week.


Last Week: 2-2


Overall:  33-26-1


St. Louis @ Atlanta:  (WIN)  The Atlanta Falcons got a huge win against the Rams last week, finishing the season at 11-5.  Carolina got a last minute victory over New Orleans; otherwise Atlanta would have stolen the NFC South division.  The Falcons had a superb season, and they are the 5th seed in the NFC, a far cry from where they were a year ago!  The Falcons have found themselves a franchise QB in Matt Ryan, and Michael Turner isn’t too shabby of a RB either.  Roddy White has finally lived up to his high draft pick potential.  Atlanta could be a dangerous team in the tournament!


Miami @ New York Jets:  (LOSS)  The Jets had another dismal game to finish the season at 9-7.  Favre faded down the stretch with his worn and withered 39-year-old body.  The Jets lost 4 of their last 5 games, and found themselves on the outside looking in.  To make matters worse, Favre looks like he’s playing the “I’m not telling you if I’m retiring or not routine” again.  Their coach, Eric Mangini, got fired to boot!  Miami won the AFC East crown…that’s just absolutely amazing.  From 1-15 to 11-5…way to go Parcells and Sparano!


Denver @ San Diego:  (WIN)  Denver had a three game lead over the Bolts with three games to play.  Surely the division was all but wrapped up…wrong!  The Broncos choked and San Diego stole the division (and their hearts like it was Valentine’s Day!).  Shanahan got the boot, so now Denver must rebuild.  Norv and his Bolts will host the Colts this weekend in the tournament.  San Diego looked very impressive in their total domination of the team they were trailing all season long!


Dallas @ Philadelphia:  (LOSS)  This was to be the game of all games; winner takes all; win and you’re in, lose and go home!  The Eagles were prepared for the task at hand, while the Cowboys seemed lost in space.  The Eagles jumped to an early lead, but the Cowboys responded.  It started to unravel for the ‘Boys right before the half when Romo was picked off.  That led to an Eagles TD and a last second FG (after an Adam Jones fumbled on the kick-off) right before the half.  The Cowboys tried to rally in the second half and they were on the verge of scoring several times.  Unfortunately, for them, they fumbled the ball away and the Birds showed no mercy as they scored two defensive TDs.  The Cowboys may have more talent then many teams in the NFL, but championships aren’t won on paper; they’re won on the gridiron.  The Birds are peaking at the right time as they enter the playoffs on a high note.


Short Shots:


Brett Favre…retire already!  Just go away!  It’s over!  See ya!  Can you tell I have a genuine dislike for this guy?  Oh yeah…bye-bye!


The Cowboys traded a 1st and 3rd round pick for Roy Williams.  They re-worked his contract so that he is averaging roughly 9 Million per season.  Williams had 19 receptions for 198 yards and 1 TD in 10 games.  Jerry better hope that in the off-season Romo and Williams start designing some secret plays to get him involved!


From The Mail Room:


Keith J., Irving, Texas:  The Cowboys had another December collapse.  Romo was horrible in December again.  Where do the Cowboys go from here?


Utopia1dc:  Keith, the Cowboys did have a horrible December once again.  I really don’t think that it’s December that’s the problem though.  Late in the season, teams have a ton of tape on your schemes.  It seems that the Cowboys showed little imagination in their offensive play calling.  Jason Garrett needs to be better prepared late in the season.  The Cowboys were out of sync the whole season, but they were exploited late in the season.  I think Romo is a very good QB, but he seems to force it when he gets in trouble.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  If the rest of the team played to their potential, he may not have been in those situations to begin with?  The Cowboys need to re-group, re-load, and get ready for 2009 in their new stadium.  Basically, that’s all they can do on January 1st anyway!


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