Predictions Divisional Round

January 09, 2009

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Predictions Divisional Round


           Each week, I will look into my (never wrong, just misinformed) crystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend’s games.  I will prognosticate on all the playoff games each week.  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball!


           The crystal ball was mediocre last week, posting a 2-2 record.  Not great, but we will take it!  Now that we are ensconced in the playoffs, the crystal ball assures me it will rebound this week with a better performance.  The crystal ball is now 35-28-1 for the season; which is seven games over .500 (.555 to be exact).  With all the great match-ups before us, this week is going to be a challenge for the crystal ball.  Let’s see what’s in store for us this weekend.


Last Week: 2-2


Playoffs:  2-2


Overall:  35-28-1


Baltimore @ Tennessee:  Last week, the Ravens had an easy time with the Dolphins, while Tennessee rested up on a bye week.  The Titans have been a bit of a surprise this season, and Kerry Collins has found the fountain of youth.  Kerry is playing at his best, and the Titans have a dynamic 1-2 punch in the running game.  The vaunted Baltimore defense, led by Ray Lewis, will be up to the challenge though.  Joe Flacco has been playing beyond his years, and has the Ravens offense on the right track.  This game will be played close to the vest, and I don’t anticipate much scoring.  Baltimore will win, but the Titans will make them earn it.  Baltimore 18, Tennessee 13.


Arizona @ Carolina:  The Cardinals took care of the Falcons last week in a well-played game by both participants.  Carolina was using the bye week to rest up some lagging bumps and bruises.  Arizona has played well this year, but not on the road, especially when traveling to the East Coast!  Carolina is a well-balanced machine on offense.  They have two quality RBs, as well as a solid WR core, lead by Steve Smith.  The Panthers defense has played very well also.  Arizona does have some firepower on offense, so never count them out.  In the end, the Panthers will prove to be too much for the Cards!  Carolina 29, Arizona 27.


Philadelphia @ New York Giants:  This will be the most heated game of the weekend.  These teams are only a two-hour drive down the turnpike from each other, with no love lost between them!  This is the rubber match, as each team has won on the other teams turf.  This bodes well for the Eagles, as they have had success at the Meadowlands.  The G-Men have struggled offensively without Burress, while their defense has been solid.  The Birds have been on a roller coaster ride all season.  One week they look unstoppable, the next they look mediocre at best!  They have been on a high note for several weeks now.  These NFC East division foes have much history between them, and the crystal ball is a little hazy on this one.  In a toss-up game, the winner will be the G-Men.  New York Giants 24, Philadelphia 20.


San Diego @ Pittsburgh:  San Diego has had a difficult season.  They struggled early in the year (with some questionable officiating), but they bounced back to win their division at 8-8.  Last week they were able to hold off the mighty Colts.  The Steelers should be well rested coming off the bye week.  Big Ben looks ready to go.  I expect the Chargers to put a lot of pressure on the QB.  Sproles has played well with LT being limited due to injury.  If the Bolts want to win, they will need to get the ball down the field.  The Steelers have a great defense, so it will be tough sledding in the ground game.  The Bolts will find a way to win; the crystal ball sees a huge victory for Norv!  San Diego 27, Pittsburgh 17.


Short Shots:


There has been much speculation if Terrell Owens will return next year to the Cowboys, because he is due a roster bonus of 3.1M on June 1st.  Lat year, Owens was due a similar bonus in March…Jerry paid it!  This year…Jerry will pay it again!  Owens was given a contract extension earlier in the season.  He is still a talented receiver at his ripe old age, but more importantly, who would replace him in the line-up?  I see Terrell staying in Dallas and finishing out his career; he likes being a Cowboy!


Reggie Bush had to undergo microfracture surgery on his left knee, rather than arthroscopic surgery.  The microfracture surgery is a more invasive procedure, where the recovery time is lengthier.  Bush has been a disappointment after his sensational rookie season.  This is just another major setback for Bush and the Saints.  This is not a surgery that many players return from in full form.  Good luck to Reggie!


From The Mail Room:


Samuel Z., Fort Worth, Texas:  The Cowboys dont have a 1st pick because of Williams trade.  What should they do in the draft?


Utopia1dc:  Samuel, you are correct!  The Cowboys sent a 1st and 3rd round pick to Detroit for Roy Williams.  The thought was that an accomplished receiver, like Williams, would be better than what they would be able to draft in the 1st round of the draft.  This theory remains to be seen, as Roy, did nothing while wearing the star on his helmet, to suggest that Jerry made a wise decision.  It’s still too early to tell, but Roy needs to step it up next season.  As for the draft, it’s a little premature to speculate, but I’ll do it anyway.  The Cowboys need a QB to back-up Romo, and a WR as well.  A quality safety would be nice also.  It will be clearer in which direction the ‘Boys go, once free agency is in full swing!

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